Monday 23 November 2009

Keeping the faith

Assuming all is actually well with WAR and it has a positive future, I really do think Mythic need to announce something big and exciting if we are to keep the faith.

I've been pondering what I would consider as big and exciting enough...

Third Faction
This is the obvious one, but its also by far the biggest, most difficult and probably least likely. That doesn't stop it being the best thing that could happen to WAR.

Fortress Relic Raids
This could be great, but perhaps it would need a bit of extra spice to satisfy everyone. If the forts go back exactly as they were just with the relic to steal, then it could be seen as a bit of a lazy addition. Whilst it will be a welcome distraction from the campaign mess we have now, I'm not sure how the community would react to this one. Is it enough?

Live Expansion
A second Land of the Dead sized expansion would certainly be a sign of continued growth. There are so many things that could be done, from Sylvania to the Ogre Kingdoms, the Warhammer world is rich in untapped content. But what manner of live expansion would people want? RvR based, PvE or a hybrid? I know what I want, but that's another topic to post about :)

Expansion with new races for the existing factions
Skaven and Lizardmen... New zones to fight in and new careers to play. As much as I would prefer new races in a third faction, I would still be happy with this. And there would be no arguing with it as a statement of Mythic's ongoing commitment to WAR.

It's all good and well Mythic denying the claims of maintenance mode, but for everyone to believe it they need to give us a bit more to go on. The world is an increasingly faithless place (in all respects)...

Mythic! We need a sign.


  1. Josh Drescher and Paul Barnett have something rumbling in the works... I hear the whispers...

  2. I'd really like to see them add in new ways to advance your character, particularly at high end, with things like armor/weaponcrafting professions, using materials that drop from new mobs and encounters in the RvR lakes. Basically give meaningful things for solo/smaller groups to do. Right now as a casual player, I've gotten my main's renown up to the point where I can where the 1st bits of invader gear, but I don't have any realistic way of getting most of that set (city sieges don't seem to happen when I can play), and my guild doesn't have enough interested people to do LV/VL runs. So I kind of feel like I'm stuck- maybe I can grind up through invader, but that's it.

  3. Grimnir - yeah mate I've heard rumours from a few people in the know of something big in the works, but other than "something" not a lot more info than that.

    Chris - I think you raise a very valid point. The primary job of any MMO developer is to stop the bulk of their players hitting a wall with Character progression. You need a carrot that actually IS within reach, followed by another that's just out of range.

  4. @Grimnir and Bootae...

    Thats just naughty... please tell me all you know or the cookie gets it!

  5. I second what Shard writes ... if you know something ... we definitely have ways of making you talk!

    People can gripe but we know Mythic reads the forums and these blogs ... so they know what folks are clamoring for. I agree with Bootae that a Third Faction is probably not in the near term cards but it is their silver bullet. Would only pull that out as a last resort or when they feel the overall game is where it needs to be.

    But we can always hope.

  6. TBH guys the reason I've not said more is I've not really heard more. There are also a few interesting things with Josh's twitter post about writing 10 pages of stuff every day (and he says stuff is also known as secret goodies). Also Paul Barnett is going to be back blogging/podcasting/something soon, which would suggest there's something to talk about, what with him being the hype machine extraordinaire...

    Or it could be nowt. Time will tell.

    BTW it recently launched in Korea I gather. Wonder how that is going.

  7. A question for those that played Daoc/favor a third faction- when you had one dominant realm, how often did the other two realms band together to fight it it, vs. one of the other realms joining up with the dominant realm to beat on the weakest realm? I'm just highly suspicious that the two strongest realms would always just gang up on the weakest realm in WAR. I think instead of the third faction, they should work towards putting in the other 4 capital cities, so that there's 3 semi-independent wars going on at any one time. If you combined that with more things to do in the RvR lakes, I think you might go a long ways to solve the realm imbalance issues.

  8. All the time mate. They would regularly work together, or at least fight the common enemy until it was out of the way.

    I was Albion on my server, we had the numbers (and the zerg accusations). If we were out in force then Midgard and the Hibs would just hit us from both sides, ignoring each other until either we or they were dead.

    This wasn't unique to my main server either.

    Cities would be nice though, for sure.


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