Friday 6 November 2009

Mythic become attracted to Starbucks

It's waking up to that alluring coffee smell that does it...

You've probably already heard about the city changes, but if not go read this post on the official Mythic forums.

It's a decent sticky plaster fix and makes perfect sense as something they could quickly do. Long term, as Mythic themselves acknowledge in that post, they need to be (and are) doing more, but this works for me now. I liked both those scenarios and I'm very happy about the siege length reduction. Sure it doesn't fix how regular sieges are, but at least they won't be ruining my whole night anymore.

However the thing I like best about this is the simple fact that Mythic are not waiting for the 1.3.3 patch, instead they are promptly implementing much needed changes and in a considered manner. Think back a few months and there is no way we would have seen Mythic do something like this, knowing better they would have ignored player concerns, or at the very least been extremely slow to act on them.

I've stated my concern a few times lately; if the city crap was left for too long it would totally distract from the massive performance improvements in 1.3.2. It's very important that when a patch makes things go tits up that Mythic act fast and don't let the rot set in. Looks like Mythic have realised this too.

GJ chaps.


  1. I'm still confused as to why they took the normal city scenarios out. They should have left them alone, and introduced these ones in addition.

    Ah well, at least we get some Reikland Factory to run. Whoo hoo!

    Oh, and I can finally buy my R37 guild mount... 150g... /grumble

  2. It has always impressed me with how fast Mythic responds to things. Even a few months ago when they were "Slow" they were still faster than most developers out there.

    The amount of changes that have happened in the game in the last year is absolutely staggering. Not that they were all good but they have been trying.

  3. Mythic does act fast, but most of the time too fast. I think they do alot of quick bandaid fixes, a month later realize it was bad, apply a new bandaid fix, etc.

    This newest city fix will just bring new problems that once the city is under attack everyone will just do scenarios instead.

    The bolster everyone to 40 is a great idea, but do you really think someone playing a character that is currently level 22 will know all the new spells, and be able to play their toon at 40 to its full potential, and not just be free renown to an experienced 40. Also I feel sorry for the saps who get bolstered against all these RR 70+ players. They won't even have a chance.

  4. I think if everyone goes and does the scenarios, then its clearly not the scenarios that are the problem :D If that did happen at least it would give Mythic a very clear message about the stat of their cities.

    I do have my reservations about the bolstering, will have to see how that works out.

    Still, its better than what we got right now ;)

  5. I appreciate how quickly Mythic is jumping on this. Perhaps knowing more about the underdog system and the return of forts would make me feel better.

    I'm not a fan of bolstering up lower ranked players so they can take part in the city siege. There's plenty for them to do in the lower tiers. Would be a shame to lose a gold bag to some Tier 1 player who just happened to show up.

    Unless I read it wrong and Tier 1-3 players will not be bolstered ... does anyone know if this will happen?


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