Thursday 20 August 2009

1.3.2 Fortress changes = Relic raids?

I wouldn't bet my house on it, but wouldn't be surprised either.

For those that missed out on Dark Age of Camelot... it used to have Fortresses that had a special Relic inside, having that relic in your faction's fort gave a realm wide constant buff, damage increases that kinda thing. If I recall correctly, relics from different Fortresses gave different buffs. You could assault the enemy Fortress, capture the relic, then escort it back to your Fortress and then your realm would get the buff for as long as you kept the relic safe. More relics you had, the more buffs you got, but the more of a target they became.

Something like that could be a nice side line to the main campaign. Or do you think they have something else planned?

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  1. It would be a fun addition, but two problems here:
    1. Relic system doesn't help balance, it works for multi-realm games but a two realm games make it bad.

    2. You can't walk from one pairing to another, so you are limited to one set of relic per fort, limiting gameplay options.

  2. I fired off some C4 in my head earlier. Could be a couple things...

  3. The pairing limitation might be a blessing in disguise. They couldn't make it so we had to get all relics to one place, which would prevent a whole side zerging one fort.

  4. "a whole side zerging one fort"

    If they continue to better performance, perhaps making Forts their own zone ... this would give people what they want ... a huge RvR battle.

  5. Yesterday I was speaking with a friend about the fortress changes and we both agreed that it will most likely get something like the relics in DaoC.

    If the relic would have to stay in the same pairing wouldnt be too bad I think.. More action in every pairing. I'm kind of bored of fights with 10+ warbands.. Figthing all over the place..every pairing..every zone would be imo great.

    The only problem with it is that there is another issue which has to be resolved. RvR-lake size. For such things like a relic they are way too small.


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