Monday 17 August 2009

Producer's Letter - 1.3.1 and Beyond

I wouldn't normally put two posts up in one day, but this is worth it. Check out the latest Producer's Letter released today, there's some VERY interesting stuff about plans for patch 1.3.2.

1. Data has shown us not enough players have experienced a city assault. With the new improvements, we want to make sure that happens, so we’ve decided to decouple the Fortresses from the Tier 4 campaign. They still exist, so don’t worry—they are not disappearing, but they are also no longer required to capture in order to claim the pairing. We have other ideas for the Fortresses, but I would be showing our hand a little too early with those thoughts right now. =) It’s cool, trust me.
Ooooooooooooooohhhh!!! Now this is very interesting. Right now it seems almost everyone hates going to the Fortresses, which is fair enough, since they suck royally. I'm really looking forward to the city changes in 1.3.1, but I'm not so keen on having to go through the bloody forts to get there. Decoupling them from the campaign can't come soon enough and I'm most intrigued to see what Mythic's plans are. This could be great.

2. New User Journey Experience – New recruits come to WAR everyday and many of us roll alts from time to time, so we are taking a hard look at the beginning player experience and exploring how we can make that introduction experience to WAR even more memorable.
I'm an alt whore, so new stuff in the lower tiers I'll be interested to see regardless. Plus this could be good for keeping hold of new recruits to WAR.

3. Apprentice/Hireling System – Wouldn’t it be cool if you could play with anyone at any time regardless of Rank? I think it would. ;)
Ah an apprentice system. Hmmm, could be good, but I've encountered them in other games and am yet to see one that really worked well. Always a first time of course.

4. Continued Crowd Control balancing! In patch 1.3.0b you saw some of our first adjustments to Crowd Control, and in 1.3.2 you'll see the next steps as we begin approaching some CC abilities directly. These changes will help to continue shifting Crowd Control to be more strategic and purposeful on the battlefield.
Good. The changes so far have been a step in the right direction, but it's proven to be not quite enough. Looking forward to some details.

5. The Daemon moon will rise.
Oh you tease.... Clearly a reference to the Warhammer world's warpstone second moon and the many evils it's associated with. Live event one presumes.


  1. Rise of the Skaven! March of the Lizardmen!

    The many evil things the Daemon Moon does...

  2. The Daemon moon announces the new expansion...

    Eliminating the forts is going to cause server crashes. On DC we crashed the server 6 times at keep attacks/defenses this last week, and when it happens it resets the whole pairing so all your work goes down the drain.

  3. Always with the positive eh Eyeball? :D They'll just have to make sure the servers handle us in the keeps, though I can only see losing forts as a good thing tbh.

    Where have you seen confirmation about this expansion mate? I saw a post by Mythic yesterday stating absolutely not to expansion suggestions, not that that means he wasn't covering stuff up...

  4. Ahh there's a dodgy edited interview out there where someone has made it look like Mythic were saying there would be an expansion soon. Found a post where Mythic talk about the interview's editing:

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  6. Thanks for sharing this!

    I like the idea and concept of Forts ... just not how they stand today in the game. Defending is so much easier than trying to take them. And there's nothing quite like getting AOEed by the Lord through the floor. I love standing there waiting my turn to rush upstairs only to drop dead from WHAT? What killed me?!?!?

    Let me spit-ball here a little just throwing out some ideas ...

    I like that they will stay -- they look freaking awesome -- and am glad they will be reworked in a way. Perhaps they will be their own zone to help the lag? Since they each reside right in front of each respective pairings city, they have to have some significance. Right? Instead of taking two of three to get to Altdorf or the IC, you simply down one to attack the city behind. Maybe we'll be seeing the other capitals sometime soon? (Sidebar: Has it ever been confirmed that they existed but were taken out before launch or did they never exist?)

    I've always thought it would be cool to have them. And rather than having the war always leading to Altdorf or the IC it could rotate. How cool would a Live Event be if the focus was to attack Karak-Eight-Peaks (or defend K-E-P if you're Destro)? You want massive RvR? If that was your focus the Dwarf/Greenskin zones would be a madhouse. Sure, the other zones wouldn't be as active but the point is for loads of RvR ... that's when I have the most fun. I mean the game is about a war ... wouldn't there be a shifting/changing strategy to the war? A push to cut off one side's allies?

    Many of the big complaints are being handled: CC, end game, lag, balancing careers (more to come on this one). And if, by chance, this content does exist and just needs to be added to the live game then it'd be cool. But if it doesn't exist ... that's a whole nother item.

    Looking forward to the new city instances and glad to hear Forts won't go away. Just interested to hear how they will be utilized.


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