Sunday 23 August 2009

I'd like to give you an update on the patch's major changes, but I can't...

...because we can't get to Altdorf.

/rant mode on

And whilst Order to their credit put up some tough defence this evening, that wasn't the thing stopping us. The intensely irritating reason was that, along with the constant crashing and other bugs, this patch has brought a bug where once you capture one fortress, the NPCs at all the others become unattackable. So even with a coordinated push to get all 3 enemy fortresses under siege at the same time, as soon as that first one fell the others became impossible.

Since the campaign was knackered, we decided to go to the Tomb of the Vulture Lord, but we couldn't get in. Not because the zone was Order controlled, oh no. Instead because the PQ outside is bugged and the "dig" button isn't appearing for stage 1. Great... Though apparently some guildies got it to stage 2 earlier because the button appeared for a couple of people, but then the runes you stand on weren't activating at all, so they were still stuffed.

There's all sorts of other bugs and problems being reported on forums and in game. That's a tad ironic considering that this patch's big selling points were: bug fixes and city siege changes.

The bug fixes are probably great, but they're overshadowed by the monstrous new ones. And as for City sieges, well they remain great on paper. But that's all it is so far, on paper, since we can't get to the bloody city because of bugs.

Here's a tip. Don't release bug ridden patches just before the weekend, so like maybe you'll have enough staff in to fix the bloody thing before it gets hammered with the weekend's heavy gaming numbers. A bit like with the previous not at all buggy patch, where you didn't release it just before thanksgiving and have by your own admission most of your staff on holiday. Oh wait... :P If that's a misconception of events on my behalf, then apologies and yet at the same time, yikes! The situation is worse if so.

I hope this is all a bit embrassing for Mythic, but unless the US is suffering the same we won't know as they don't comment on EU issues. That's left for GOA to reply with the generic "sorry, we'll send it to Mythic" style response, followed of course by sweet FA. We still need shared US/EU forums.

Continuing this whinging tangent compare:

Even after all this time we're still stuck with the much despised, browser unfriendly, bugger all information holding, pile of turd, Flash (is it 1998 in France still?) website. It's like a constant digital reminder to us EU players of the old classic GOA comment "equal does not mean identical". Also known as "meh screw 'em, what do the customers know anyway".

See Mythic? See what your bug ridden patch has done? It's drained my positivity and turned me into a grumpy old twat wallowing in my internet misery.

/rant mode off

Yipee! Happy thoughts!


  1. The US forums are on fire as we're all ready to burn the place to the ground. No worries there. The vast amount of bugs introduced, and old ones resurfaced really makes me theorize about a splinter cell of rogue coders and developers that got all twisted over a couple of their beer buddies getting sacked in the recent round of layoffs. It's my own conspiracy that all the nonsense going on is intentional and malicious works from the inside.

    Noting that, I fear and hope that Mark Jacobs returns to the building, finds these scumbags, and tosses them right off the roof. I wouldn't put it past the guy.

    WAR is bad all over Bootae. This time it's probably not just a GOA inadequacy.

  2. Oh aye mate I agree, this is totally the patch's fault. It's just at times like this as us EU players want some feedback, it highlights how we're distanced from Mythic.

    And now the latest thing is with that Vulture Lord PQ bug, we're hearing how on US servers the CSRs have locked the door open until it's fixed, but GOA CSR's are refusing to do so. Not that I've found the CSRs able to do anything other than restart quest lines tbh.

  3. *sigh*

    Another excellent fort attack scuppered by an unattackable Lord. Hopefully we'll get to see Altdorf next week.

  4. It's a basic development error. Releasing patch at the end of the week, when you can't react. Patches should come in on a Mon/Tues.

  5. Wasn't it that the patch in the US was released on tuesday with a planned release on wednesday in the EU and the EU-release was delayed because of the hot-fix for the servers?

    I think it's the quality department that failed not in terms of timing but testing.

  6. Fair point. Mixture of both probably.

  7. war is crap. i have three lvl 40 2000 gold, but i quit, i'm not paying for rubbish. I'm pissed that i put the time in. So i'm deleting it all and never playing anything by them again, a bunch of idots. Oh and as for your Starwars mmo,i would rather eat my own ear wax than play it. To everyone, hit um where it hurts, don't pay and don't play. Oh i now hate the French as well, i know how easy it is to hate the french but i was trying to be a good boy, but F__K um.

  8. That's a fair bit of time put in to suddenly realise it's crap :P Over reaction at all? ;)

    TBH it's not any different to other MMOs in their first year. WoW was just as bad, in fact the Doomhammer server I was on was far worse. DAoC was as bad, so was AoC, AO, AC, EQ, Neocron, blah blah.

    Such is the life of an MMO gamer.


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