Thursday 13 August 2009

Oh bless their cottons! BBB gets plagiarised

Friend of mine has pointed out some donut at is putting my and other people's posts directly onto their blog :P

Having not asked permission or bothering to even present it as being copy pasted from other sites, well let's just say making the title a link to our sites doesn't quite wash. My fellow bloggers that actually, you know, own a keyboard... may want to have a trawl through the archives of that "blog".

Comedy gold, but kinda special too.


  1. Woowwwww, what a tool!

    Anyone get notice from this guy before he jacked your posts? That's incredibly lol'ish. I guess there are some benefits to using a teeny blog service! woo!

  2. Oh so now we know where you get your content. LOL

    I saw at least 3 articles he stole of yours. Its a shame because he is probably stealing hits away from your site.

    Can you legally do something, or report it to the blog that hosts it?

  3. What a dickbag. I only scanned the first page but he totally lifted your "56.789% of MMO facts are bollocks" post word-for-flipping-word.

    Have you contacted him to ask why, per chance, he totally stole your freaking article?

  4. Not messaged him yet, you have to register on the site to leave bloody comments. I found an email address which I will be dropping a line once I've read up a bit about intellectual property related to blogs ;)

    I spotted he has nicked something from Rivs as well, so probably a few bloggers he's ripped off

  5. He nicked alot of stuff from alot of blogs, Zizak, Grimnir, alot.

    This douchebag also is stealing stuff not even related to WAR, like Aion and shit.

    Huge balls this guy lifted your pics from the third faction article.

    Pissed, I'm beyond pissed. He even has the balls to put copyright on the bottom.

    I found funniest he lifted my article in January about me taking a day off, and going to Metallica concert.

    Thanks so much pointing this out to me.


  6. lol i just visited the site and saw alot of people's blogs we have on our blog roll that the guy ripped as well..

    couldn't see any of my stuff.. dunno whether to be insulted or relieved loll

    the guy is a loser tho; think of your own material or atleast give people credit! :P

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  8. Yeah, I've run into a few sites like that lately. But hey, it could be worse I guess. You could have someone copy/paste your stuff into a forum somewhere without a this:



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