Saturday 31 July 2010

Producer's letter reviewy thing

The latest Producer’s letter didn’t really tell us much that wasn’t common knowledge, however this is completely to be expected. In 3 weeks time we are going to get some big news, make that BIG news, so there wasn’t ever going to be much that Carrie could say in this letter beforehand. As such, fair enough, says I.

There were a couple of little things that were news. The Wild Hunt will be back on sometime soon as a full on live event, not just a weekend warfront. I thought that was a good event before, so while not OMFGBBQ news, it’s still good to hear. Also it turns out that for the 2 free weeks our new EU servers had three times the normal number of players… Yup, it was more than a little noticeable! I know a fair few that have resubbed too, so that’s all good. The ball is with Mythic now to try and retain these resubbed players.

I’ve not much else to say about the letter, to be honest we’re all just waiting for the mid August news to start appearing. Oh there was one thing from the developer Q&A I wanted to mention. I asked how many 1.3.X patches there are before 1.4, the answer to which was 1.3.6 is the last one before 1.4 arrives. Though Carrie said using that knowledge to calculate the release date of 1.4 wouldn’t work as things in 1.4 need to mature and it could be a little longer. Though a little birdie told me a while back that 1.4 is scheduled for October, which now sounds about right.

Oh and on the PTS right now they've removed friendly collision detection, word is its working out really well and improved performance. Note collision detection still applies against enemy players.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Q&A session: Gaarawar has a transcript and Bruglir has a recording.

For now my friends, put aside this Producer letter not having much in it, I don’t think Mythic had much of a choice. In a few weeks we will all know why.


  1. Doing anything significant in October puts them smack dab in the middle of Blizzard Cataclysm craziness.

    I'm hoping they won't let themselves get lost in the shuffle like the last time.

  2. Doing nothing is arguably worse.

  3. Well to be honest, as long as they aren't going to release an addon at that point, then it's not the end of the world. Though avoiding cataclysm has to be a priority.

    I am so happy about friendly collision detection removal. If that stays out, 1.3.6 could be one of my favourite patches....

    Though it's a great bonus if you are defending the gates in keeps.

  4. Removing friendly collision will be a dream come true. Too many times have I watched a dessie at 5-10% health run off only for an order player to stand in my way.

    I doubt 1.4 will be "THE EXPANSION" in october for the above reasons but I do think it will be part of a live event leading upto the expansion itself (december?). Land of the dead had several months of build up and this will be a bigger expansion than that. 1.3.6 Will see the start of the build up for the skaven. If mythic are sticking with the 2 factions then presumably order will get some loving too.


  5. My money is on:

    Expansion announcement this month.
    1.4 for the larger ORvR changes.
    2.0 Expansion at some point... ;)

  6. But if skaven is the new desto race, what will be the order race? we have so far in the game have no clue to what or have i missed something? I really hope for a expansion

  7. I think skaven would be a 3rd faction


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