Sunday 12 February 2012

TERA, pretty, but horribly dull

I could talk about all the normal issues Korean games have when ported over to the west and the many things I'm hearing from folks on the beta, but I'll save us all some time. This screenshot says it all:
click to enlarge and check the chat...
Can't remember where I saw this screenie the other day, so credit to whoever it was that took it. Update: Thanks Werit, it was in this thread over at Keen & Graev.

Of course if I get a beta invite then I will try it, just to satisfy curiosity, but I have absolutely zero hope for this game.


  1. I think it was from Keen's site.

  2. It's not only standing in line but the selection of char models, from that rabbit over lingerie to the girl with the pony tail and elephant toes it just looks by far too "Asian". I could get used to the environment and UI.

  3. I stopped playing the WoW beta about 1 hour into it when I was assigned a quest that had a similar queue of people lining up to kill a mob in the Tauren starter area.


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