Wednesday 1 February 2012

MWO - role warfare, hmmm yum

Piranha have posted up Dev Blog 3 "Role Warfare". It's well worth a read and gives a great insight into the tactical possibilities that Mechwarrior Online is aiming for. Particularly when you put it alongside the info from Dev Blog 2 "Information Warfare". In many ways it sounds similar to how scouting works in World of Tanks, just expanded a lot, which to be honest was exactly how it worked in MW3-4, if you played in proper premades. So when you think about the "thinking mans shooter-simulator" nature of Mechwarrior games, it would suggest that if Piranha do manage to put their ideas into play... Well, we just might see a game with an unrivaled focus on teamwork, tactical play, information sharing and of course player skill and experience.

Of course it's early days and it would be unwise to make statements of assured success (oh haaaaai GW2 :P ). So far all we have is the (excellent) concept art, the game engine concept video that prompted the whole thing and a lot of good and reassuring ideas from devs. However, as anyone that's been around gaming for a while will know... devs say a lot of stuff. Delivering them is a whole other kettle of fish.

Regardless, this is currently no1 in my MUST-PLAY-NOW!! list for 2012.

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  1. MWO is just smoke and mirrors *Cough* GW2 ;)

  2. Ahh so easy, knew you'd bite :p Notice above that I am able to acknowledge the fact that it might not turn out to be any good. Unlike you GW2 hype sheep, to whom the suggestion that their BEST GAME EVAR!! "might" prove to not be perfect is akin to heresy :D

  3. Summer release for MWO isnt it? We should start seeing proper in-game footage soon I would expect. Not that long to the summer rly.


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