Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bootae makes a Guild Wars 2 post that is not totally full of bile and loathing

OK so as everyone knows, I am hugely cynical about Guild Wars 2. I played the first game and I think it's hugely over-rated, despite what it's rabid fanbois say. Which actually is probably why so many GW2 fans are quick to say "but yeah GW2 is a totally different game!!!".

However, this blog post from the GW2 devs about PvP has gone a long way to increase my level of /care. I've now upgraded my interest from utterly indifferent to moderately intrigued. Which is quite a feat considering the game's WoW crowd pleasing, clown vomit, childish, emo and horribly generic art style. I bet there's a blindfolded busty angel somewhere.

The screenshot below however did not make me hurl.

This one does though...

And don't get me started on this shite.

Anyway, I must admit, that's an impressive list of PvP, RvR (or WvWvW?) features and if it doesn't turn out to be mainly dev speak or just plain broken, then I might actually be persuaded to ignore the cutesy crap.


  1. I can over look the Asura cruft given all the other "checks in the right boxes" I am seeing for GW2 .. I never played the original .. but damm.. GW2 is really lighting up my interest.. and first picture you posted above made my old DAOC heart strings sing ..

  2. The Asurans are definitely the Gungans of Guild Wars marring an otherwise pretty amazing example of world building and story telling.

    I wish ArenaNet would learn from Lucas's mistakes, realize their error in cutesiefying their game and obliterate the Asurans in a horribly painful fashion.

  3. You need more traffic on this site: GW2 is right up there with Duke Nukem, dancing & prancing inside a beautiful castle of hot air.

  4. Sure GW2 is offering the best MMO PvP to date without a monthly sub, but look at these screenshots from 2008!!!! They are too pretty!

    Is what I took from this post.

  5. Fairly close, you need to change it to "on paper the PvP sounds very good". As we don't know yet if it will actually compare with DAoC, EVE or pre-trammel UO yet.

    Plus I'm allowed to not like a game because of the way it looks. Would you play Club Penguin if it had good PvP?

  6. Thou shalt not suggest GW2 be not the MMO messiah!

  7. Oh I do think GW2 will be a good game, but not the 2nd coming no. For me it's like Final Fantasy games, I will never ever play one because they look like something designed for 9 year olds. Which is why my daughter thinks they look great :D

    It's not the quality of graphics that turn me off certain games, I can cope with basic graphics if the gameplay is good, but the "style" of the art does matter for me. Probably one of the reasons I stuck with WAR for so long.

  8. Yessssss Yessssss... Let the power of Arenanet consume you.

  9. boots , slaught ere , yes its really me posting on something , as you know i am daoc fanboi and GW2 looks like to me what mythic should have done with warhammer and totally looks like daoc 2 and please my friend please , never ever mention daoc and eve in the same breath again ;)and to me it doesnt at all look like they are pandering to WoW at all , you can kill people in this :)


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