Tuesday 6 December 2011

3 posts in one day? Doctor Who demands it!

Yeah well the BBC have just released a 1min 31 second prequel to the Christmas special for Doctor Who. Which is worth a 3rd post in my book :)


  1. "Not available in your area".

    I would rant and whine a bit but I never was much into Dr. Who anyway. But hey, I'm glad for you. That red light shining on the quizzical face of whomever looks amazing.

  2. Get yourself a proxy to use. I believe there's webbys and tools that your can use to bypass the restrictions.

  3. I don't dare to watch the video ;)

    I'm catching up with Dr. Who right now.. still watching season 4 so it's a bit time until I reach this Christmas special ;)

  4. Dr Who, Wallace and Gromit, mulled wine and food. Thats what chrimbos all about!


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