Sunday 5 December 2010

A spot on DoK - WP post

Can be found here. It's a most excellent guest post by @AndyBursh.


  1. I thought AMs were RDPS?



  2. Hold up i thought all healers where dps now a days?

    On a side note i hope mythic really do some thing to bring wp/dok back in to line i feel sorry for the Rp/Am zealot/Shammy at the moment when they seem to get a 100% screwed over as healers..

  3. I think so many AM's go DPS because, as I wrote, it often feels like your presence in healing is irrelevant; that, and AM's can put out some nice numbers.

  4. I find it amusing that the week i decide to roll a DoK, an article like this shows up.

    I'll have to say i agree with all that's been said, tho :)


  5. I'm leveling a DoK at the moment, approaching 40. It's bat shit crazy already, really insanely so compared with all of my other characters.


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