Wednesday 22 December 2010

Oh what to do...

I find myself in a funny place with WAR right now, kind of uncertain what I want to be doing. I hit 80 on my Chosen a while back and probably the sensible thing to do is to focus purely on him, but I feel distracted and somewhat uninspired. Not with the Chosen itself, but with the whole 80-100 bit. It's a long grind with no upgrades or change between now and the new armour set at 90. I think I may be more motivated by pixel progression than I had realised; perhaps I have got used to having those carrots within comfortable reach.

Combine that with those 20 further RRs being all in the same surroundings and situations... alas it has led to logging in with my Chosen feeling a little flat. I think this is probably the biggest issue for me with the lack of Chosen motivation, more so than the pixel progression really, the campaign changes have been a start, but seriously not the great inspirational revitalisation we need to avoid a stagnant sensation. And to be honest I would say it's only fighting in new surroundings that can provide that, be it entirely new areas, the repurposing of the T4 side zones, or (my personal fave) making T4 fully RvR enabled and with purpose.

I'm not sure what else to say, as quite simply that's what the game needs right now. No doubt a huge task, even if done one pairing at a time and probably beyond reality to consider, but I don't care. That's what I want and IMHO what WAR needs.

In the meantime I need to decide on which alt is my next focus...


  1. I'm with you, my friend.

  2. Why don't you mix up your time on the chosen. So on dedicated guild RvR nights, go with Chosen, since you'll probably make most progress for time invested on those evenings.

    Then on the quieter nights, work on the alt. I'm sure there will be GG's running, so your progress will still be swift.

  3. OR you can get last stand and charge into the praag warcamp and kill the mailbox


    That's what I do...

  4. I know the feeling, and I'm not even 80.

    To be honest I've been logging on my choppa mostly on guild warband nights only as the other days I just play alts because every rank closer to 80 feels like a step in the direction of an impending doom of grind-with-little-reward... =/

  5. Hit 80 and quit, but I didn't like the community on Azgal. Always planned to take a breather at 80 or maybe spend some time exploring/doing silly pve quests.

    Then ->100 came and with it the subpar looking armour. Now I'm behind in the game at 80 when I was quite looking forward to re-rolling and experiencing the game as another class.

    I don't think I'm alone in wanting to have a sense of completion, and I know MMOs have to feed on that and deny it in order to make money but I think they overshot raising cap to 100 with no new content. Games like WoW (not a fan personally) can get away with it because they put new content in, you don't have to kill 100 of the same boars in the same zone. You get to kill prettier boars in a much prettier zone.

    I think I just need to just accept that WAR is dead. I don't think others need to, if you're enjoying it great, but if not.. just stop.

    I personally like Andy, Carrie and co and think they've done a *great* job communicating with the fans; contrary to what some naysayers spout - but without 'more subscribers' and a bigger design/assets team this game is on life-support.

    I'd love to be more optimistic.

  6. I called out TI as a glorified scenario and I think I was bang on the mark.

    You can not compare TI as dungeon in anyway to even just one one of the bosses/Levels in ToVL. The amount of detail and the ascetics are incredible in ToVL.

    TI looks fine the first time but there is very little detail and with very few "mobs" (they are not really mobile) on show it means it looks alittle half arsed.

    Our guild leader quit/took a break/re-assessed life priorities with the expansion. My personal observation is that alot of people took one look at the next 20rr levels and said "no thanks". I am sticking about until aleast SW:TOR.



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