Monday 13 December 2010

DoK and WP nerfing

Thought I would chime in with my take on the whole DoK and WP nerf and the subsequent EMO RAGE AAAAGGGHHHH on every forum, chat channel and so on.

It's really quite simple. They need nerfing and the fact that so many guilds base their entire warband healing on them says it all. However, they also need their melée healing as a viable alternative to spamming group heal when in warbands, or any situation where a true healer is required. Melée healing should be viable, end of story.

Give and take, that's what is needed.


  1. A balanced team always works best. I play a RP (43) and I have to say at least this current 'controversy' has led to a better understanding of the 'other' healing classes for me, at least. I admit I knew very little about them- only that they always kicked my ass in sc's for total healing. Despite my vast army of alts I never got around to trying them. Now that I've been reading about, and playing them (rolled a DoK) I can see what I need to do better as a RP. Mostly I need to stop worrying about being 'outhealed' by them and realize that a team approach means that: everyone has a roll. Should they be nerfed? Don't know, to be honest. If each side has access to identical style classes can they really be OP?

  2. This nerf is well overdue

    And this is coming from a dok


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