Tuesday 2 February 2010

WAR's 1.3.4 patch notes and a request for Mythic (updated post)

[updated... ]

Hang on a minute! Its only on seeing Grimnirs post that it actually sunk in quite how much has been removed.
75% of the scenarios gone... Bloody hell. For some reason I was only thinking it was a handfull.
OK. That is mental, bonkers, waaaay too far and I can't defend or be positive about that. Wish I'd pondered on this more before posting tbh, because this post looks stupid now, but hey, such is life. Consider everything highlighted in orange, as dubious opinion that I should have thought about more, because I was clearly talking utter bollocks. Everything else still stands mind you.

PS doh and sorry for editing a post after someone commented, bad form.

Mythic have released the 1.3.4 patch notes which you can read here.

There's not really much we didn't know about already, other than a few tweaks and the final verdict on what scenarios got removed. The bolster changes are sensible, the campaign changes mean I will actually have something to do when a city gets captured and I like the scenarios we're getting in Tier 4. Plus with the new items to earn through scenarios, there's a new carrot for many players to chase after. So all in all, I'm pretty happy with this patch, though as I’ve said before I don’t think we’ll see the real impact until it goes live.


Whilst I believe this patch will be a good one for those of us still playing the game, it also provides large calibre ammunition for the people that want to slag WAR off.

Simply because this patch is removing a lot of content, yet not (to the outsider at least) introducing much in return. When you combine this with Mythic’s complete failure to give us any teasers or news of any serious new content (sorry Mythic, but the Scurvy Dogs scenario barely qualifies), it’s easy for people to suggest the game is stagnating, pottering along and merely tinkering with existing content.

I, like many people playing the game, will understand and appreciate why Mythic are removing this content, as it will focus us into the better and more enjoyable scenarios. Problem is, if Mythic continue this silence regarding true new content, i.e. live or paid expansions, and we still keep getting patches that just tinker with, or remove, existing conent, then even people like me will start to lose the faith.

For some bizarre reason I still believe Mythic have major new content in the pipeline, but right now they are giving me absolutely zero to base that belief on. Which to be honest is making me feel a touch uncomfortable. If I want to post about WAR's future I have to quite literally make crap up. Vague twitter comments once in a blue moon are rubbish. Seriously chaps, I have nothing to go on.

So OI MYTHIC! Stop buggering about and give us bloggers something interesting to chew on. Your game’s community need more than just blind hope.


  1. Er I dunno about the patch. Canned my sub last year. Patch maybe good maybe bad, only time will tell as you say. Gots to be a warning sign for Mythic when the few remaining WAR bloggers start showing signs of losing faith.

    Be great if they reply to you but tbfh if theres not even a expansion or missing cities "announcement" this month, thats gotta confirms maintenace mode dontcha think?

  2. I am not sure what they were thinking on this one. I like how they said a few were being removed. The last time I checked a couple meant two, a few meant three not 75%.

  3. Anon - Well I'm not so sure it's maintenace mode as much as Mythic being more than a bit out of touch with the reality of what their community needs to hear. Losing faith? Not yet, but if this silence continues then perhaps you'll bw right. It is getting to the point where the lack of anything at all regarding major new content sorta points in a very negative direction.

    Brian - I think the plan is it will make scenarios pop more regularly, but surely there were ways of doing that without slashing so much content...

  4. I like variety in my scenario play. I tend to use the join all option. Why get rid of them?

    I know I haven't played in the last month due to RL, but I have to be honest, when my 6 month subscription runs out in May, this well could be it.

    Losing touch with the player base is a very worrying sign.

  5. I don't really understand what the motivation is for cutting so many scenarios- I can't really see any changes to the campaign structure or anything that makes sense from a design standpoint, and I can't imagine it's a hardware issue. Bizarre. On the other hand, the weapons look pretty good overall and even have new art which is nice. But there's so little meat to this patch, relative to the wait. When are we going to hear about path 1.4 or 2.0, not another bug-fix and polish 1.3.X?

  6. It appears there is a poll on the forums for folks to vote to add an additional scenario to the permanent mix and to remove one that they have in. So far looks like Phoenix Gate is leading the "please remove" list.

    Also notes is that starting the weekend after the patch they will have Weekend Scenario Events every weekend where they will rotate in a new one each weekend.

    So ... sounds like we'll be seeing the "lost" scenarios soon enough. So perhaps it's not all bad. Also, what I had read was there would be rewards for these weekend events ... hopefully more than a title.


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