Wednesday 17 February 2010

Blogger Challenge: The Results Show

3 of the WAR community's top bloggers took up my challenge and posted their thoughts for WAR's future. A hypothetical future where they had control of Mythic and no limitations.

Mr Meh delivers an incredibly detailed post with all manner of dramatic, but also feasible, improvements for WAR. Amongst them is the very interesting idea of a new anti-tank career type. As a Chosen this disturbs me :p but damn it I would make one of his Ed Shrink’r Orcs faster than Katie Price eats men.

Heartless gamer goes on a very different path with WAR adopting a free to play model. However this is a bit different to the usual F2P stuff and includes a most intriguing "tax" system. Though my heartless friend when you ask "who calls it Autumn?", I must point out it is Autumn, not Fall. Well... at least for us Brits and any others still blessed with the Queen's English :) Back on topic, please do check his post out, it's well worth a read and certainly contains some of the most revolutionary ideas for WAR I've seen. 

Werit has big plans for a live expansion. An expansion that is far bigger than the Land of the Dead and would give us something really meaty to get stuck in to. He's also cottoned onto the fact that our currency loot bags are packed with bloody officer medallions and maybe we should have something to spend them on. A very, very good point and one I hope Mythic are considering.

A big thank you to the guys for accepting the challenge! It's been really interesting to see the different routes we would take. Of course the question now is will any of us see our ideas matched by Mythic?


  1. I work with a Brit and an Irishman... I'll consult them. But as they are both in America, that fine Queen's English may be long removed from their minds.

  2. Yeah, Fall is not used here in the UK in relation to seasons at all, obviously we recognise it's use from US TV shows, etc. Quite interesting how our shared language has evolved in different directions over the years. So many subtle differences, hence Microsoft applications often having the choice of US or UK English I guess.


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