Saturday 13 February 2010

Revised scenario structure revealed

Check out Andy's post here:

In the post Andy explains their reasoning for the changes and clarifies a few things, like the weekend special scenarios, how all scenarios are active for all zones all the time and how everything counts towards the campaign.

The new scenario list looks like this:

First impressions... this could work out quite well, but having been burnt by posting before thinking recently, I'm going to have a ponder on it before getting off the fence.


  1. I still don't like it. They are still removing too many even though you will still see them on the weekend events.

    Black Fire Basin is scheduled for Week 3. Really? I know that one has to be one of the most hated scenarios of all time.

  2. I find it interesting that before, based on statistical analysis they found Phoenix Gate one of the more popular SCs, and were going to put it in every tier.

    Now its not even on the list. Same exact thing for Black Fire Pass.

    I really don't know what the hell is going on there. There really is a drunk monkey with a dartboard there making the descisions.

  3. This is better than the first proposal. I know people feel we're losing something, but when you think about it how many scenarios were ever truly active at a time? I'm not going to assess the lower tiers but only focus my critique on Tier 4.

    The way it stands today, we are already limited in which scenarios are available depending upon what zones are active. If Chaos Wastes, Black Crag, and Caledor are the current active zones ... we are staring at Maw of Madness, Howling Gorge, and Caledor Woods respectively. So of the 12 Tier 4 scenarios only 3 are available with those zones. The best we have is when the three middle zones are active giving us 6 active scenarios: Battle For Praag, Grovod Caverns, Logrin's Forge, Thunder Valley, Dragon's Bane, and Serpent's Passage (Praag, Thunder Mountain, Dragonwake). And are people really bummed that Grovod, Thunder Valley, and Dragon's Bane are relegated to weekend events?

    This new proposal gives us 6 active scenarios no matter what zones are active, plus an additional one on weekends (hopefully with cool titles, tome unlocks, and special loot). The only difference will now be that some of those scenarios will no longer be available except for these weekend events. No more queuing for that darn Black Crag scenario trying to flip the zone when your opponent is obviously not queuing in hopes of stalling you. With all scenarios giving weight to all zones ... it means all scenarios matter.

    With the coming of RvR weapons scenarios will be popping like mad (at least for a good little while). I consider this a good thing as they are a good source of renown and are a nice change from the back-and-forth zergfest we've come to expect. All scenarios matter to all zones ... no more cherry picking. Hopefully this makes most players just queue "All" instead one or the other. Renown! The scenarios we are left with are typically good for earning renown as opposed to evading the enemy by running to and fro capping points. We get to fight!

    I know people still want the premade vs PUG thing resolved but if it's such a problem ... stop pugging! I've pugged and beaten premades before. It can happen despite what some say and can happen against good premades. But it sounds like the new Ironclad scenario is catering to premades since it's a 6-vs-6. If that is successful perhaps we'll see more of these. I'm guessing creating new scenarios is far easier than new zones, etc.

    From here, I like this change. What I like most is that Mythic stopped, listened, and changed course per player feedback. Like many things, let's see how it plays out.


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