Monday 25 January 2010

Tomb of the Vulture Lord haunted?

It would seem so.

Yesterday whilst enjoying what started as a smooth run through the Tomb of the Vulture Lord, we got invaded 3 times in a row. Each invasion pretty much within seconds of the previous one ending. This would normally be fine, we'd get a scrap and some entertainment out of it, however the annoying thing was each time there was nobody actually invading the dungeon... Every invasion we searched the entire dungeon, but found nobody. Which meant because the timer insists on running for the entire 30mins each invasion (despite there being nobody in there), we had an hour and half wasted...

Then near the end of the third invasion our Sorcerer disconnected and when he logged back in he was inbetween the door outside the instance and the portal. Where he found an AFK Runepriest... Coincidence?
Perhaps, but I wonder was this guy invading our instance solo, then immediately leaving and sitting AFK waiting and hoping we wipe on a boss? Coming back after 30 minutes to repeat it over and over? Would the game mail the loot if we had wiped with him outside the instance? I don't know, but it was certainly strange to be invaded like clockwork 3 times in a row, by nobody... Something wasn't right whatever.



  1. That's happened to use recently. I think it's just random players trying to screw with a party running the instance. Doing that basically locks you down from proceeding and you're stuck waiting out the clock. One night we were invaded three times. Of which, only one had Destro infiltrating and even then it was a lone Squiggy. Guess he thought he could catch us by surprise and we wasted him.

    There should be some sort of stipulation on who can infiltrate ... lone players should not be able to do so and if they are in a party the rest of their groupmates must enter the instance within a certain amount of time.

    Basically, we got free Golden Cartouches for our troubles but it extended our run by considerable time.

  2. That's really annoying :/

    I think that it's ok that lone players can enter the tomb, but if they leave immediately the quest should end and the instance maybe locked for further invasions for some time.


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