Monday 11 January 2010

2+4= no more WARpong

As we all know, WAR's campaign is totally FUBAR. Bouncing back and forth like a demented game of ping pong. It needs sorting out, but how?

How about adding the missing cities?

Here's the (not exactly new) idea...
I'm not sure if it would need it, but it might be wise to review how quickly zones can be locked. Perhaps slowing them down again... Anyway, when you do lock a racial pairing, you get the relevant city siege; so Empire/Chaos gives you Altdorf/IC. However it doesn't lock the other pairings anymore. You can still do their scenarios, push for zone locks and even start a siege on another pairing's cities at the same time.

Which in theory would mean players would have more choice both as individuals choosing how they play the game and strategically as a faction. As Destruction do you dare commit everyone to sieging Altdorf and leave the Orc and Dark Elf lands unprotected? Do Order get everyone on the defensive or could they counterstrike from the Elf lands? Add a proper downside to your king/s being killed and all of a sudden the multiple city campaign gets a bit tense...

Oh and it would also be something huge to announce, bring in major new content to relieve boredom, provide new PvE instance opportunities, different RvR sieges AND this is all using content Mythic had already started making anyway.

Potential you think?


  1. that, my good friend, is an absolutely beautiful idea. Now if Mythic checks this blog daily... DO IT!

  2. That is why I like the idea all 6 factions going against each other. If each one had their city than it could be some sweet fun. Even if they still kept it order and destruction but had all 6 cities it would still be sweet.

    It would add alot of content. Just think of the other dungeons they could add to each city for the pve types.

    Of course I think it would have to mean more server mergers to compensate for all the different content going on.

  3. hai boots

    Hell yeah! It would be the awesome if Mythics next producer letter had this in!

    It would make players zerg less too I bet. Many more goals to go for.


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