Friday 29 January 2010

Mauraders gimped? That would be a no then...

Thanks to Moonthief for not adding and for recording this video of Biggsie getting caught up in a 4v1.

Oh if you get offended by rude words, turn the sound down.



  1. That is one handsome Marauder, especially the classy enchanted blue coloured armor.

  2. Can't seem to watch anything without installing some toolbar. McAfee also gives the site a big red warning for adware and viruses.

  3. I didn't have a problem watching it, some pop-up happened, but I'm so used to insta-killing them I hardly noticed.

    Pretty cool video btw, I've seen some pretty nasty marauders on both sides of the fence now. Unfortunately, there's some gear that makes fights like that possible these days..

  4. hmm just get the megaupload or poker pop ups myself... alas bugger all I could do about the host as its not a KF vid.

  5. Nice video, what gear is Grimnir talking about? Is it LotD stuff?

  6. I think he is, the asorb items, etc but actually Biggs doesn't use them :D

    Marauder self heal + good player vs bad players = massacre

  7. That's some good Maraudering right there!


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