Monday 4 January 2010

Now that the season of good will is done...

... it's time to get back to the WAR. And the big question; what will the new year of WAR bring us?

The death and final failure of WAR that the haters predict with such filthy pleasure?

Perhaps it will be the year where the optimists among us get all smug after Mythic makes bold and wise moves that revitalise WAR and subscription numbers fly up?

Or it just potters along with a relatively stable sub base, with Mythic doing just enough to keep people here...?

I'm feeling confident today (tomorrow maybe a different matter :P ), I think Mythic are going to deliver. Like the Phoenix from the flames WAR will rise again, covered in glory as Mythic announce an awesome expansion, enhance the overall campaign, make decent RvR city sieges and provide a better mix of small scale roaming and zerg PvP. Everything will be uber, everything will be perfect. WAR will finally live up to it's potential. Yes! Mythic, glory awaits!

Or maybe I need to lay off the Chianti, throw away my pipe and comfy slippers, forget the whole optimistic lark and wallow in misery...

PS - I was a bit out of it over Christmas, so apologies for the delay... a belated Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all my readers and fellow Bloggers!


  1. It seems to me that if AoC still has enough resources to be working on an expansion, WAR should be able to as well. Whether they have enough to redesign everything for 3 parings is a different story, but a "New Frontiers" level one- why not?


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