Tuesday 17 January 2012

SWTOR - Level 50 done and done

Yup, that's my Sith Assassin at max level in SWTOR. I've immediately started doing a lot more PvP, which basically means Warzones (scenarios/battlegrounds) because bugger all PvP is happening in Ilum yet. Having said that, last night I was kinda half afk and as such was not PvPing, but the guys were telling me it had actually started to kick off a bit in Ilum. So there's some hope at least on that front. Plus once the patch arrives (it's been delayed again) it will change the Ilum daily/weekly quests to require player kills, which should in theory spark things up dramatically. As long as there's not too much of a faction balance problem...

The first thing I did at 50 was go and check out Ilum, which as mentioned before is just point swapping crap at the moment, but that's a real shame because the design of the zone itself is brilliant. It's got lots of routes for travel, loads of ambush points and a mixture of wide open and more funneled areas. The basic concept of the campaign system is good, it's basically like a RvR lake from WAR with keep at each end and the objectives between, but it has been completely let down by the lack of any incentive to kill the enemy players. Once (or if...) Bioware get that sorted out, then in theory it should make for an excellent RvR/PvP zone and I can see it being exactly the sort of thing that would keep me subbed.

In fact if Bioware were to sort out the incentives so that all the materialistic purple pixel obsessed lame arsed humans playing the game actually started fighting and combined this with adding further RvR themed planets,  then SWTOR could actually be both a WoW and WAR replacement. That is a very big IF though... We shall see.

In other news, I've rolled my first proper alt. Gone for an Agent with the Sniper advanced class. Interesting so far, but more on that another time.


  1. Wasn't that the same problem with WAR? Everyone figured out killing players netted the least realm points, and why everyone just avoided each other while flipping different zones?

    It is sad that all pvp has turned to this. Remember in AV in WoW where you actually killed players? Now it is get on your mount, and wave to other faction as you race to the final boss.

    I am hoping that some game eventually fixes pvp, but I am not holding my breath.

  2. Didn't really have that problem on my WAR server, though I heard about it on the US ones.

    I try not to remember WoW PvP, it was just horrible lame crap. :P

  3. Please comment on this story: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2012-01-18-valor-exploit-in-swtor-update-1-1-causes-player-uproar

    It has something to do with ilum being a point farming zone and imbalanced rather than a place for well-designed pvp.

    Also is SWTOR as laggy as the video featured on that page?

  4. Yeah it's horribly laggy right now. I've been in Ilum tonight and whilst there's finally fighting, there are also a lot of new issues. Will post about it later. ;)


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