Thursday 5 January 2012

New Planetside 2 video

And it's got some good solid in-game action to view :) Also it looks like the game has a proper day/night cycle where it actually gets dark. I like that, I like that a LOT. It just adds so much more atmosphere to any MMO, particularly when combined with weather effects. Of course that's only a tiny thing in the overall picture of if a game will be good or not, but it's a little thing that works for me :)

It's looking like we'll start getting a lot more PS2 news soon.


  1. Planetside 1 had day/night cycle.
    Welcome to the future.

  2. Yeah I was a big fan of Planetside 1, but it didnt really get that dark if I remember correctly. At least not compared with DAoC for example.

  3. Depended on the continent/planet how dark it got, but all the vehicles had wee headlights!

    This video looks very nice!

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  5. [shakrah]
    PS1 just had some horrible (tbh) shading for night/day which they turned off as it was not really working out. Anxiously waiting for PS2, TR 4ever


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