Wednesday 11 January 2012

Ilum? Lolum more like.

Last night whilst doing a bit of levelling, I was on ventrilo listening in on a group of Kill Frenzy guildies that were playing in SWTOR’s Ilum RvR zone. The guys were laughing on vent because they were getting people from our own faction complaining that KF were attacking enemy players. Yes, you read that correctly. Complaining because people on their faction were attacking enemy players in a RvR zone, on a PvP server. This of course will only encourage us further and I can’t wait to get to 50 and join in.

The KF lads weren’t interrupting a player organised PvP event, duelling, funeral procession or any such thing, oh no sir, their heinous crime was so much worse. By fighting players in a supposedly PvP focussed zone, the terrible KF criminals had stopped our server’s awesome pro PvPers from emoting at each other whilst taking turns to capture objectives! Yes, you also read that correctly. Instead of fighting each other, these hardcore pvpers stand together at the objectives and take turns to capture them. That way they can still progress their character simply by tapping their keyboard occasionally to stop auto log outs and now and again activate the objective thing. Of course this means they can concentrate on writing hate posts about the cancellation of Firefly (or whatever is the fashion these days) and knocking one out (probably into a sock) over facebook photos of their mate’s girlfriend on her holiday to Butlins.

Now perhaps it’s just me, but if I’m paying a sub fee for a game it’s because I actually want to play the game. Which if on a PvP zone on a PvP server would normally involve some PvP. A shocking suggestion I know. Of course if people are paying their sub fee then they can do whatever they like in game (within the rules) but this seems to be the most horrible retarded waste of their time and for them to actually complain when people do try to play the game is stupidity of epic proportions. Sure, in WAR there would be times when people would let the enemy lock a zone pairing while we concentrated on another and perhaps at times this bordered on point trading, but I’ve never seen enemy players actually standing next to each other taking turns. Of course with 2 faction PvP there will always be problems like this, everyone with a brain knows it is incredibly stupid to make 2 faction games and expect PvP of any quality, but by Odin’s scruttock this shit is a whole other level of apathy and tragic comedy.

I will now make a huge assumption and blame it on ex-WoW players, since they wouldn’t know any better and are generally cretins. WoW was the first MMO after all :P


  1. Lol

    I made a blog post about midday about the PvP on SWTOR and my hopes for Ilum.

    Then I read this!


  2. A friend of mine was killing people while questing on a PvP server in Nagrand (a zone in WoW).
    He and his guild got reported as griefers, forum trouble, some people even wrote GMs complaints.

    He wasn't doing anything special and particularly offensive on top of killing people - except that he was damn good at killing them over and over and over and over.

    Guess what, a GM called him that he should respect other players and that he has all right to kill them but should move to another zone or a battleground.

    Ilum reminds me of the "zone trading" of Tol Barad in WoW.

    That happens when too many rewards get put on top of PvP and when it is no longer about fighting but about progression. Add a PvE player mindset and you barely can blame players. They are not used to opposition or pvp anymore, it's all about gain and more gain. Nevertheless, this smells and is just wrong.

    I don't know which MMO and when exactly this trend started. Maybe already UO's Trammel/Felucca split.

    But the ongoing trend to solo gameplay and total separation of PvE and PvP is for sure to blame.

  3. Never understood this brain dead mentality. On character creation people should be asked if they want to do pvp or not. If they choose not then they should be barred from the pvp areas to protect their epeen. I hope KF doesn't suffer GM abuse because of it. Btw I didn't know you were such a poet.


  4. You al should be ashamed of yourselves. Since your recent assault on my sons gameplay, he has become withdrawn from our family and instead of playing a game he loves, he now is crying in his bedroom and refuses to come out. My son is good at games, and says that you horrible folk are hacking. I believe my son when he says this because he really is good at games. He beat duck hunt, and is really good at beating minesweeper.

    I can't believe that you all would stoop to the level you did and have the audacity to laugh about you cheating to ruin his gameplay. He had to call into work this morning because he was so distraught after reading this story. I hope you are proud of yourselves. I hope you are happy with the damage you have done!

  5. Sorry but lol at mummy dearest

  6. Now, now. Maybe you're looking at this all wrong.

    Maybe, after millenia of taking their frustrations and anger out on each other, boys are finally learning how to play fair. They resolved their differences and waited orderly in line, like they were told to in school. They realized how frail and precious life is and decided to hold hands and pray quietly for a better future, for the sake of all our children.

    And then in comes us proud KF with our... frenzied killing costumes and spoil their hard-earned truce.

    Then again, they did make pvp distinct from pve servers didn't they?

    March on, I say.

  7. Fail troll is fail.

  8. Reminds me of the duels in WAR .. always a laugh to roll one in progress.

  9. I wonder how much this is a problem of 2 factions rather than having guaranteed loot for doing task X. I'd be interested to see how 2-faction with rewards only coming from killing people did. I always suspect the WoW kiddies would still whine instead of fight even if there were 3 factions.

  10. Well we have a rather small set of games with more than 2 factions to inform us, but with DAoC as the undisputed king of campaign based PvP and the obvious benefits multiple enemies provide I think it's very safe to say it would be better. However there will always be a lot of people obsessed with pixel progression that have no care for what kind of experience getting that progression provides. Or in other words, very dull people that don't actually "play" games. They're probably the same folks that hire people to level their characters.

  11. Right, but my understanding is that the DAoC "endgame" was primarily horizontal instead of vertical progression, and there weren't XP/rennown/whatever they were in DAoC or SWTOR (not playing it) ticks for flipping objectives/keeps/lakes. The bonus was access to DF, or increased renown gain, but not actual renown or tokens. Would that horizontal approach still work with two factions, or would people just give up once one side dominated? Probably with the current (ex-)WoW dominated playerbase, but what about the DAoC playerbase?

    In that vein, DAoC's success was/is also measured by providing open PvP to what would now be considered a small user base- if STWOR only captured DAoC's peak sub numbers, would it be considered a success? Could they even get funding to make it (or Rift, or WAR,...) if that was the sub number they were aiming for?

    Of course, what would also be interesting is more than 3 factions (looks at 40k MMO...)

  12. "I will now make a huge assumption and blame it on ex-WoW players"

    I've never played WoW, but trading objectives back and forth and yelling at people who want to fight is a good summary of WAR.

    Bioware-Mythic strikes again!

  13. Anon - Well whilst DAoC's campaign rewards were not directly vertical, because of the renown gain I'd say it works out as such. With renown ranks giving increased stats, abilities and so on. There's of course also gear progression in the game. I just can't ever see any 2 faction PvP campaign working with human nature, we need that 3rd (or more) faction to mix things up or people slip into taking the (boring) path of least resistance. "Two's company, three's a crowd" might normally be a bad thing, but the extra antagonism makes it a good thing in PvP. :) Perhaps a true horizontal progression game could work with 2 factions, but then we're yet to see if a true horizontal progression game would work at all because nobody has the balls to make one.

    It's hard to say on the number comparison because DAoC's peak was long before WoW opened the market to a wider audience. I see no reason why a DAoC2 couldn't succeed today, if it was funded and well made enough, but I'm not sure anyone will take the risk of not making a WoW clone. Unless Planetside 2 is a success, as that's the only major game doing anything different.

    32ndlaw - What's happening in SWTOR is FAR FAR worse than anything that happened in WAR. On my WAR server it was very rare to see anyone shouting at people not to fight and anyone that did was normally ignored and had much scorn poured upon them :P Plus I've never ever known of enemy players standing right next to each other taking turns before, not in any MMO I've ever played.

  14. Hi Bootae, Hellmut34 here.

    Yes mate i have seen a video of the topic on utube and it's hideous. Couple this with the most linear/unsociable mmo experience i have ever encountered and you have a game that for the first time, i will not sub as of the first month. But and i will say but, if they improve things later, then i will have another look.

  15. I agree, a whole new level of apathy. I thought the PVE-siege in WAR sometime was wonder I still play Daoc from time to time, even if it's not as good as it was it's far more entertaining pvp-wise then anything i've experienced...

    Kill 'em all 'till no opposition left to whine.
    As I'm only 36 sentinel, I cannot go to Ilum but I attack everyone in contested PvP zones. I even attack groups of Imps and try to take at least one of them down with me. And guess what, I get no Valor out of contested zone PvP kills :D The lessons I learn about my class and opposition are priceless tho..

    Keep up the good work ;)
    Tanishalfelven SW from WAR

  17. Please tell me that mother's post is genuine...

  18. yes moz, of course it is.....


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