Friday 16 September 2011

WAR's 3 year vet rewards and some teasy stuff

Link to the herald for the full article.

Rewards are:

  • Jack O Lantern Vanity Pet – An exclusive pet for players that is available in four different colors.  This awesome seasonally themed pet is available only through the veteran rewards program.
  • Endless Chaos Black Dye – This item will give you an endless supply of Chaos Black dye to deck out your armor in style!
  • Endless Blazing Orange Dye – This item will give you an endless supply of Blazing Orange dye to make you stand out in battle, plus the color is perfect for the season!

Also there's a couple of comments on the future:
"With 1.4.4 out the door, the Wild Hunt going on across the land, now’s a great time to get out on the battlefield!

After looking at the past and the present, let’s take a quick look at the future to conclude this note. End of next month the demon moon will rise again and Fortresses are looming on the horizon. And next year we are about encounter bloodlust in an additional way."

I hope for WAR's sake that the Forts are soon, that could be a nice boost if so as it could avoid clashing with other releases. As for bloodlust in an additional way, I presume that's something about Sylvannia, but whatever it is I just hope it's big.

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