Friday 30 September 2011

Nigerian scam email lol

I do like reading the silly Nigerian scam emails I get. This one today made me lol in real life. It starts in standard fashion, buy just wait for his alternate email address that kinda shafts any vague chance at credibility...


From the desk of Mr.Sam Osierr
Union Bank of Nigeria

Dear Friend,

I Am Mr.Sam Osierr the director in Charge Of Auditing and Accounting  Section of (Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc) with due respect  and regard, I have decided to contact you on a business transaction that  will benefit the both of us at the end of the  transaction. In order to transfer out the sum of (US$10 Million) Ten  Million United State Dollars) from one of the leading banks in Nigeria Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc into a foreign account provided, I need a foreigner who is reliable and honest  person who is capable and fit to receive this money through a bank to bank  wire transfer. During the course of our auditing last month, I discovered a floating fund in an account opened in the bank  in 2008 and since 2011 nobody has operated on  this account again, after going through some old files, I discovered that  the owner of the account did not states any Next Of Kin, hence the money is floating and if I do not remit this money out urgently it will be forfeited for nothing by our

The owner of this Account is Engineer{Fredrick} a foreigner, and an  industrialist, and no other person knows about this account or any thing concerning it, the ccount has no other beneficiary and my investigation prove to me to be perfect and risk free. However, I am revealing this to you believing in God that you will never let me down when the money is transferred into your foreign nominated bank account. at the conclusion of this business, I will give to you 40% of the total amount, while 55% will be for me and 5% percent will be used for any expenses we might run into during the processing of the fund Transfer.

Am looking forward to hearing from you. Reply me back at this alternative E-mail address:  you can include your telephone or mobile number for easy Communication.

Best Regards

Mr.Sam Osierr
Urgent response needed.

The information contained in this message may be CONFIDENTIAL and is intended for the addressee only. Any unauthorized use, dissemination of the information or copying of this message is prohibited. If you are not the addressee, please Notify the sender immediately by return e-mail and delete this message. Thank you


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