Wednesday 14 September 2011

It's not me, it's you. And them too.

You’ve probably heard about the new pets that 1.4.4 has introduced to WAR. They’re about £10, give you a 5% boost to certain stats that remain active in RvR and as a (related) result I’ve cancelled my WAR sub. However, this is not quite the rage-quit it may appear, as my cancellation is actually far more of a considered decision than that. The pets are more a case of being the straw that broke the camel’s back, as I was getting a bit tired anyway.

The power pets
5% is not a gamebreaking amount, it’s about the same as a liniment or a couple of talismans, so it’s not pay2win just yet, but it is a step on that path. I do not like any pay2win options in a subscription based PvP MMO and I will never, ever support or promote that as a good thing. It’s 5% today, but who knows what will be the next option to appear in the cash shop? Further stat boosts? Higher DPS weapons? You may think not and I would hope not, but I don't know.

If WAR was F2P I would still not like it, but would probably stomach it as that goes with the territory, but as WAR has a full price MMO subs fee... no thanks. For what little my thoughts are worth I will not contribute a subs fee so you can develop things like this whilst the following issue remains.

Lack of new content
The lack of new content for WAR compared with almost every other MMO is a problem. I’m so bored of Dragonwake, Eataine et all, Christ on a bike, even the glorious Praag has worn thin. I understand that Mythic have bugger all resources and actually I think that James Casey, Steven and Keaven are doing the best they possibly can, particularly when considering how little they obviously have to work with,. Seriously those guys deserve more appreciation than they get and I still have plenty of time for those lads. However, as much as I appreciate what they’ve done, frankly it’s just not my problem. I invest my sub fees so that the games I like can continue to keep my interest and unfortunately right now I am tired of WAR’s same old scenery and there are other new things to look at elsewhere. When you look at the incredible amount of REAL new content added to Star Trek Online since launch, from an investment of my own money point of view, it becomes hard to justify paying the same monthly amount for WAR where major new content is ruled out. Those two games are of course being run within totally different financial situations, but again, that’s simply not my problem.

I have a very long list of things I want to see in WAR and actually there is a chance some of those might happen, which will probably bring me back if so, depending on when it happens. Expanded RvR lakes and/or PvP in the T4 side zones would do it for me, before even considering things like new playables. However, I’m not so sure forts are enough of a lure considering the competition. Whatever happens eventually, we won’t be getting any of that stuff anytime soon and I have a bad feeling that the time of the fortress patch is going to clash with the other big MMOs being released. As such, there’s little point carrying on paying to play a game with minimal development, when there are so many others great games to play right now and huge new MMOs around the corner.

Wrath of Heroes
I was disappointed with the whole situation when WoH was first revealed to me, but Mythic did spark my mood back up with their talk of the potential implications for WAR. I honestly think Wrath of Heroes will be a great success, just not with the PvP MMO audience. Despite it looking to be a good and very accessible game, it’s a game that isn’t made for or aimed at a true MMO gamer like me, which obviously means I find it hard to give a toss. Alas, I’m back to feeling disappointed. Sure, it may well have good end results for WAR, but that won’t be in the near future and unfortunately for my WAR subscription, the near future is all that matters.

The near future
And this is the main thing that makes a WAR sub pointless for me right now. Over the next few months I’ve got limited gaming time due to having a real life and somehow I’ve got to fit in:

  • Deux Ex HR
  • Spacemarine
  • Football Manager 2012
  • Skyrim
  • Minecraft 1.8 (and beyond)
  • Star Trek Online (going F2P)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
  • +whatever else strikes my fancy

I decided a little while back to drop my multi-sub-madness and I would only have 1 active MMO sub. I was spending too much money and never completing any single player games. So I’m sticking with the 1 sub thing from now on, which will of course tighten up what I play or not. Last night after cancelling WAR I reactivated my STO for a 1 month period. My reasoning being I can get my characters set up ready to downgrade to the silver F2P bit when that kicks in and in the meantime I can explore the HUGE amount of new content it already has. When that sub expires I’ll probably be up to my arse cheeks in Football Manager 2012 and Skyrim until SWTOR comes out.

In the new year I imagine SWTOR will keep me busy for at least a month or two, possibly much longer, depending on how well our Kill Frenzy SWTOR goes. After that there are of course more games on the horizon. Dust 514 is a definite one for me and I would sell your mother into slavery to play Planetside 2.

So for me it’s WAR stuggling to compete and my subscription becoming untenable as result, yet really no matter which MMO you play right now, there’s a lot of competition for your attention coming. Not just from MMOs but from big games that eat up time. And hell, as much as I berate it now, maybe Guild Wars 2 won’t be a pile of wank after all. I’ll have a proper gaming crisis if that mutant space fantasy emo crap turns out to be good.


  1. Can't argue with any of that, sadly.

  2. WAR has been quite a disappointment from like month four or something for me. Been enjoying it back and forth since beta and tried it again last month when I had a 14 days reactivation period, thinking I'd enjoy the new balancing and new rvr. I have a hard time pointing my finger at what makes me bored...but I feel extremely discouraged after an evening of playing...

    Enjoy reading your and Werits blogs though, lots of good reading :)

  3. Really bad decision on EA-Mythic's part to go down this road with "pay for power". I'd wager quite a few other players will throw the towel in after this.

    I'm not at that stage myself but it does lessen my faith in the game even further.

    Wasn't pleased with WoH and less than impressed with the implications of these pets. It's the 3rd birthday of WAR very soon (I think), naively hoping for something more positive to come out of that...

  4. Unsubbed WAR for a month or so. Was fed up.
    Agree on pet things.. tis crazy.

    If you don't enjoy it, don't play.. I learned not to subscribe to games based on potential after my experience with Lineage 2. lol.

    I look forward to Skyrim.. where I can play a marauder in a richer environment - but I'll still miss my tentacle arm, the chaos legions, the 'Warhammer world', with its dark humour and unique details/style.

  5. Seems I am far from alone with this. Loads of folks talking about calling it a day with WAR now. Yikes this is a bad moment for the game.

  6. Can't blame the customers to finaly put it to an end can ya boots?

    Being told that there ain't no resources for a proper expansion with new careers and races etc.
    And yet they managed to find money for a free to play game outside of warhammer. Ontop of it they found time to develop a 3 faction battle but not fix the tons of bugs warhammer suffers from.

    All of this dosen't look right with me, they take a gamble on customers that dosen't exist over players that are partially paying their salarys.

    ah well.. it is what it is. I can't even be upset or even moved one way or another these days despite tons of hours in warhammer.

  7. The pets are a marginal issue for me if the core game would have sticked to realistic mechanism.
    1.4.4 RvR mechanism rely on either absolute domination pop wise and/or great realm coordination. Does not work, and you end up with dead or even more zerg-based RvR, and slowly drift out of this as there is no real point any more.

  8. Yeah, stopped playing WAR recently when I heard about that F2P shit. I mean seriously 3 years with no real extra content (oh Lotd only realy). I don't get where they are throwing their resorces away to, maybe feeding it to shareholders or monkeys. And now pay to have an edge stuff coming takes the mickey. Mirco-transactions ruin games for me as its all about who has the most money and for me games are about escapism. Not sure I'm even going to bother with any MMO's again at this rate, although might take a gander at Warhammer:DM. But Skyrim looks awesome and massive and you only have to pay once.


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