Sunday 6 December 2009

Saturday night's RvR in a few pictures

Click the pics for the bigger images.

A few (318...) Order arrive.

"We bomb because we're outnumbered" doesn't quite stand up to scrutiny. :P
They bomb, we bomb, every-bloody-one bombs.

Defenders in the keep are smothered by red pixels.

A look at the map confirms; WAR is indeed everywhere.

Our group tried to slow Order getting into IC, which meant we got into IC late and had an empty instance. :( I did get a nice shot of me posing at the Apex though.

But despite my posing, the end result was always going to be Order visiting the Citadel.

And I believe they got 7 king kills. No shots of that obviously, being instanced PvE. Such a shame all the proper PvP leads to PvE. Gratz to winners tho ;)


  1. 318 on 1 keep???? #@!#!!

    When I was subbed most I saw was about 200! Is War getting busy again?

  2. Holy crap, that's a lot of people. More surprising, is that it's Order. Every US server seems to be the reverse.

    That's amazing.


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