Tuesday 1 December 2009

Close Quarters is....

...still in the game. Why?

The biggest problem in class balance and overall RvR is the insane power of AoE. Charges are still led by Wizards and Sorcs instead of melee. Why has the latest patch once again ignored this?

I can live with the patch notes being a bit meh and uninspiring, but this apparent ignorance of WAR's longest running and most annoying balance issue is seriously doing my head in.

For God's sake Mythic sort it out. Not just tooltips :P

PS: I hear that one of the BW changes will impact on bombing. Unfortunately most of the posts I've read are by infamous trolls, so I guess we'll have to wait and see if that's true or not. Let's hope. If so I will happily eat these words.

PSS: Ravage nerfed, fine with me I'll live. AP aura buffed, great as long as it's also fixed...

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  1. Agreed completely. I've been saying for months that until Mythic changes it so that my Chosen doesn't have to flee like a terrified dog with tail tucked whenever a BW comes into melee range, I won't be returning to WAR, as much as I want to.


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