Wednesday 2 December 2009

Mythic, a tip on tooltips and patch notes

Sometimes Mythic really don't help themselves. The latest patch includes a LOT of tool tips being fixed and in the patch notes Mythic have listed every single one. Thing is, we couldn't give two shits about bloody tool tips. Yet as you browse the patch notes, hoping to see something positive for your gimped Black Orc, Shadow Warrior, etc, all you see are tool tips being fixed...

There's nothing wrong with fixing tooltips, but listing them like this, even going so far as splitting them in the career sections, it just adds insult to injury. This is not something your subscribers consider a "real" fix. You are giving people fuel for the hate fire, which is obviously not a great idea. This isn't the first time either.

Please in future just have one line in the patch notes stating that a lot of tool tips were fixed.

Despite this patch having some potentially good stuff, it's already become known as the tool tip patch.

When's 1.4 out?


  1. Gimped Black Orcs?

    On Drakenwald is a Black Orc who hits like a train..well.. like a train of trains. Can't see Black Orcs being too weak. Not sure about PvE, but in RvR they are beasts..of course this means if they are played right

  2. Working in software I can guarantee these Tool Tip fixes have been on their list probably forever. They finally made their way up the list and are now being implemented. Happens on the software I support too.

    The big items we are all waiting in anticipation for are probably on the list but it needs to be weighed according to the effort to make the fixes, test them, and then roll them out.

    Not using the layoffs as an excuse but that sets things back. It's also around the holidays and the end of the year ... people have vacation time to take or they lose it (I always take all of my vacation days). So they're probably not running at full strength even discounting the layoffs.

    Not making excuses for them just looking at it from a worker-bee perspective.

  3. Black Orcs are hideous right now :P Terrible mechanic limiting their situational abilities, too costly action points and to be able to hit hard they have to gimp theirselves further. Good PvE tanks though. IMHO ofc ;)

    TBH I have no problem with Mythic fixing tooltips, it's just the way it was presented that was poor. Fluffs out of the patch notes with irrelevance and just gave the haters more ammo.


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