Monday 23 August 2010

Actually folks things look rather good

If you’ve not already seen Gaarawarr has posted a full transcript of the interview with Mythic that the US bloggers had. There’s not a huge amount of new detail, but there’s a few bits and bobs squeezed out and it’s well worth a read. Thanks to those guys for making the effort to fly out to Baltimore and /salute Gaar for yet another of his tireless transcription posts.

Now then, now then… what to make of the last few days and Mythic’s announcement?

With the announcement style Mythic have cocked up. It has initially done more harm than good, has annoyed a lot of people and given fuel to the WAR haters. It’s worth mentioning here that; just like how haters write off anything positive as being sycophantic fantasy, some people write off anything negative as being just whinging internet pricks. This is unfair. Many people that are currently making negative comments are people that also often make positive ones and they should NOT be simply written off as haters. This weekend the WAR internet community, forums and in-game chat should have been filled with rampant positivity, hype and excitement, but it wasn’t and still isn’t. So regardless of anything, the way this information was released and the no comment spam has proven to be a mistake.

But that’s life. People and businesses make mistakes, shit happens. It doesn’t mean from then on everything will go horribly wrong. Mythic will learn from this and react appropriately.

The thing is, despite the above, we SHOULD and can be excited. The RvR Pack is coming out around December and it looks like we’ve got 1.4 before that, which means over the next 4 months we’re going to be getting a fair few updates and new content.

We are getting a completely revised campaign structure, a large new RvR zone/s that somehow links into the campaign (my money is on a DAoC style tunnel system and underground city linking all the zones), more renown ranks, more armour, more items, Skaven (!) and that’s just what has been mentioned so far. Please don’t assume that’s all we’re getting, we have no idea what else may be coming, yet.

Of course I’m disappointed Skaven aren’t going to be what many of us see as a proper playable race; as in something you can give a name, can level, progress and master the different classes of. Yes it sounds like it’s going to be monster play, which was shite in LotRO, but then remember Mythic have said they don’t think anyone has done anything like how they are implementing Skaven. So maybe it’s just something we can’t yet predict and perhaps it will be good. No matter what, it will be something new and that’s no bad thing.

Also it’s been alluded to that we’ll get RvR pack style content more regularly than expansions in other games. Which would mean while this may not be the same scale as a full expansion, it could well work out we get just as much (if not more) content over time than those other games. Where other games content additions are like burst damage, perhaps Mythic are going for DoTs.


  1. Yeah it sounds nice now we know everything about it - props to those giving the interviews etc!

    Even if I feel a bit dejected at the seemingly small trickle of information, I am pleased to see such life in the gane. A post I read on the Bioware Forums summed it up well, the gist of it being: Mythic likely has too few resources to do an expansion given what we know not much) but this RvR pack is just what we need to prove to EA that WAR is worth the investment! So get it!"

  2. They better clarify this Skaven plan within the next week or I'm done, not feeling good about this at all.

  3. so 1.4 patch is the same as RvR pack?

  4. No they are seperate, but related. There are things in 1.4 that are need for the RvR pack.

  5. Nice to hear, I was affraid of waiting for something new in game until december ;)

  6. Good post Bootae, well balanced. Alot of the fanbois went "red rum" over the weekend and it was possibly an over reaction by the community given the amount of bell tolling and nay saying that had been going on before hand. Overall the next 4 months do look like a lot of fun.

    As for Skaven... Well they have to give us a reason to want to play them. This is an MMO so anything that doesnt involve grind or gear will be ignored.

    My bet? Skaven will be a subfaction. Meaning we can all log on as skaven to fk each other up. We will have the option of forming new skaven clans (with maybe order and desto in the same clan (oh the treachery)) and then within our skaven clans we battle it out to win control of the skaven. The "side" that wins control of the skaven (from within) will be able to use them in the wider campaign. i.e. use their tunnels to ninja keeps and BOs. I think this fits in nicely with the skaven fluff (i.e. back stabbing squabbling pyschos) as well as giving incentive to play them. I see them more as sub game within the wider campaign...



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