Saturday, 31 January 2009

Woah! Mythic's schedule works for me ;)

First off; leading up to their big announcement, I have to say I've really liked the way Mythic did the teasers with the parcels they sent out. A bit of creativity in marketing is always good. Anyway...

So basically we're getting everything I hoped for in my post: Bring on the 29th ! Well except the Cities, but then I was expecting Darkness Falls to be in a paid expansion. Result IMHO ;)

If you've not seen it already, go check out: A call to arms!
And then a post by Mark Jacobs with a bit of extra confirmations here.
I'll post about the new classes, live events and Tomb Kings later, but here's my thoughts on the numbered topics in Mark's post:

1) Bug fixing AND 4) Career balancing
Obviously we were going to get bug fixes and character balancing (why some people assumed there wasnt going to be I don't know...), but I was pleasantly surprised to read there'sa whopping 15 pages worth of "bug fixes/balance changes patch notes" coming our way. There's a range of things I'd like to see addressed, but in particular I hope the CC/disorientating effects get sorted.
I'm sure every player has been effected by bugs, but then that's MMO launches for you. Up to now, Mythics patching has been pretty good. Lets hope it continues.

2) RvR code fixes
I totally understand that they need to get the stability of Fortresses sorted out first, but I really hope they then go on improve the layout and general meh of the fortress design. They currently feel just like bigger versions of the other keeps, this is not good. They need to feel more epic, be more interesting and not just a 3 frames per second zerg headbutting session.

3) RvR changes/improvements
I have high hopes for Zone domination, it should break up the zerg. Great for guilds like mine where we like to work as a unit away from the zerg.
Keep upgrades I presume will be like DAoC where if a guild owns a keep it can upgrade the NPC guards, the strength of doors, etc. Good start, but let's get some destructable walls ASAP please. Though of course I'll be interested to see on this "rather lengthy list ".

5) Changes to "quality of WAR" such as new armor and mount color diversity for high-level guilds.
I am VERY pleased to read this. The way a player's character look is so key to getting the player to feel attached to it. More diversity in appearance can onlybe good. And mount colours, yay ;)

On a side note, there's been some really unpleasant shite spouted in reaction to Mythic's news on this. Usual doom calling, naysaying stuff, but bloody hell some folks take it too far. It's like people are trying to stop Mythic communicating on forums. If you're looking to see what WAR's like, don't let those forum ranters drag you down. WAR's certainly not perfect, but it's also not anything like the overly vocal Mr Angry minority make out.

I'm feeling pretty damn positive about WAR at the moment and I'm still enjoying playing it right now. The new content and improvements coming our way should only make things even better.

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