Thursday, 15 January 2009

Bit more info on the "announcement"

From Mark Jacobs:


It will be a pretty good announcement as far as announcements go. Basically, we'll be laying out the major initiatives that the development team is going to be working on for the next five months along with a rough monthly schedule. And yes, more bug fixes and career tweaking/balancing is part of it along with a whole lot of new stuff. It's a pretty aggressive schedule (with updates coming fast and furious) and I think, based on what I've been reading here and elsewhere this month, that there will be a lot of happy people after they read what we've been working on.



That's exactly the kind of announcement I was hoping for. When it arrives lets just hope the plan is what we want to hear ;)

My money is on the Orc Choppa and instead of the Order getting a dwarf hammerer, it to be changed to a Slayer. Which is a way cooler class to do and people have been asking for it.

Hopefully the missing cities will be included too.

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