Saturday, 10 January 2009

Fortress battles, lag and server crashing no more?

Your faction’s guilds pull together, Keeps fall, Objectives are claimed and scenarios are won. The tier is locked and the enemy fortress is there for the taking… You battle inside, slowly of course because the 3 FPS lag has kicked in, but the Keep Lord is in sight! BLAM! Zone crashes. Doh!

Mythic’s original plan for Fortress takes didn’t work out. Hardly any (defended) fortresses have been taken, on our server it’s only happened once I believe when the Keep Lord bugged down to the lower floor. It’s been a big disappointment for a lot of people and as one of the big sells for WAR, quite understandably. However, people (Mythic included) should have realised this wasn’t going to work straight away. It was always going to need testing in a live environment before it could get sorted out. You simply cannot get 500+ players in a small area like that without making servers and code cry. I can’t think of any MMO that’s done it successfully yet.

For me it’s been a bit of a let down, but not the OMFG WAR EPIC FAIL crap spouted by some. For a start it was no shock as I’d played things like DaoC and Planetside from beta/launch and I was expecting it to take a good few months for it to stabilise or for an alternative solution, but a big factor is because the server I play on is very active. Keep takes don’t happen very often because both sides aggressively defend to stop the enemy getting to that point. Whilst this means it’s probably a bigger disappointment when we get to a fortress and it crashes, it also means I’m having a great laugh in the rest of the oRvR (Open Realm vs Realm combat), which actually takes up the vast majority of my game time. Though I’m sure given time it would become more annoying…

Thankfully Mythic are acting. Their interim solution has gone live and they have confirmed they are throwing everything at a long term solution and have also apologised and acknowledged the problem. They certainly put more effort into communicating than I ever saw from Blizzard, SOE or Funcom to name a few. Of course now they have to deliver on what they’ve said…

It’s going to be an interesting few weeks as we see how this interim solution pans out.

Just found some more news too. Check this link out :)

Sounds promising for sure. Also the "Oh, and expect a major announcement from us at the end of the month regarding our plans for the next few months and beyond. It’s going to get even more interesting around these parts soon." is more than a little intriguing...


  1. The change, while not perfect, has started forts being fought over a lot more. We even seiged a city for the first time ever!

    Wow the city seiges need work. Boooring.

  2. Yeah they certainly need some more work. They're not really any different than normal keep takes at the moment, other than the mammoth lag and so on.

    I'm hoping the overall keep design is changed, to give more ways in to attack and ideally something other than just 1 Fortress Lord to kill. Perhaps if to take a Fortress it needed multiple things done at the same time, it could spread the load of players, even if it was just kill 3 lord mobs spread around the location...


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