Wednesday 8 June 2011

I went full retard

It had been a really entertaining Inevitable City Siege, competitive and enjoyable, but then it went a bit doh.. We’d been facing an Order premade warband that was only interesting in the old bomb tactics. They moved round in one tight bunch and bombed away, something which unfortunately with the city sieges objectives is hard to win against. We beat them on kills in a big way, but when it comes to winning the actual stages themselves it is tough to stop a siege weapon from blowing up when it has 24 people bombing it to shite. First stage they won with literally 30 seconds to go, 2nd stage was a draw and the third stage they walked around in a giant bombing huddle and we were quickly down to just 1 champion, me…

As instructed I moved swiftly back to the spawn point, ready to turtle up with our healers AOE healing me through the barrier. Maybe, just maybe we could at least deny the enemy their win... Hang on! I’m not getting any heals?? WTF?



I was standing at the opposite spawn point, right next to the enemy and as far from my healers as physically possible. I didn’t last long. I had officially gone full retard.


  1. haha, not very often you do that kind of misstakes..
    But the whole standing next to portal and turtle it is lame, my tactic is better...
    If you get to fight inside destro lordroom, you stand 10ft in front of destro spawn and wait until you get knocked up (by a swordmaster most times) to the little ledge above portal (out of melee range). And then you just watch how all the aoe spamming slayers and cqaoespamming wizards keep nuking the ground for 10min before they realise they isn't killing you..

  2. That is probobly the most retarded thing ive seen in a long time, and i rather recently seen someone turn their computer in at my friends company for repair. What was the problem with the comp? The guy had put the thermal pad UNDER the processor and not between the fan and the cpu. :)

    Good to see that your still dedicated to amuze the masses and especially your guildmates ;)


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