Thursday 17 March 2011

RIFT-WAR open world PvP action.

We had some great fun last night in RIFT with open world PvP. We got word that there was a large force of Goon Squad roaming through Silverwood (a lowbie zone) and as the good honest Guardians we are, of course Kill Frenzy was obliged to respond and defend our realm. OK, that’s not quite true, we couldn’t give two turds about the Guardian cause, but it was a good excuse to hunt down some enemies and give them what for. :P This all lead to a few raid size battles across Silverwood and then a load of scraps in Moonshade Highlands. We had 13 Kill Frenzy in our raid and we counted about 20 Goons, but I think we had a slight average level advantage, only slight mind you. Anyways, we did rather well, repeatedly ;)

It was the best fun many of us have had in RIFT so far, it really was great and at first I was thinking this was what I miss about WAR. But that’s not quite accurate, because it’s been such a long time since WAR had any regular small-medium scale fights and actually that action in RIFT last night was better in many ways. There was no zerg around the corner. WAR as everyone knows is often very zergy, but 1.4 really did make it much worse. So I don’t miss the recent times in WAR, but I definitely miss the highlights of small-medium scale combat it used to regularly provide in the past. If Mythic ever sort things out and get that back properly and if possible improve on it, then it will be sorely tempting again.

We’re just about to start RIFT’s endgame properly, with more and more people approaching 50, so the next month or two will be crunch time for the majority of us. Will RIFT’s endgame provide enough PvP for a guild like us to not get bored? Last night was great, but we will be wanting that kind of action regularly once everyone’s attention has moved on from just getting to level to 50. We will of course want to take part in all the other facets of the end game, but we certainly won’t be raiding PvE 24/7. MMO wise Kill Frenzy is at heart a PvP community. Thing is, if RIFT doesn’t deliver on that front, then will WAR be in any state to draw people back? I just don’t know, because there are so many things that need to be fixed and no firm sign (at present…) of that happening. That could change of course, but blind faith is, well… blind.

Interesting times ahead.


  1. Good read, I agree with your concerns. What are your thoughts on the 10 man rifts with PVP? I wonder once most the pack has reach 50 will people be looking for the 10 man rifts for PVP battles. Also Do you think PVP based instance dungeons would work in Rift?

  2. I have doubts about the 10 man rift raids, at least when considered on a PvP server. If they're complex fights requiring coordination and effort, then I just can't see how they won't be constantly screwed up by the enemy side. Even one enemy player could make it impossible. So you'll have to bring a lot more than 10 people to provide security and ensure any chance of completing the raid event. Which in that case, it's not really a 10man raid.

    Having said that while I'm not sure how openworld PvE raids will work on a PvP server, I've yet to be convinced by "instanced" PvP dungeons as a concept in any sense. I much prefer open PvP dungeons like DAoC.

    DAoC's PvP dungeons worked because they're bloody huge and the game itself was built around both RvR and PvEvP, so your reasons for being in those dungeons is subtly different. But also because there was alternative PvE only dungeons and raids to be found, I think it helps spread the population. RIFT doesn't have that so much,

  3. I agree with the 10 man rifts but i am kinda hoping since anyone can join in and help with these rifts that they will become opvp hot spots and guilds will have to bring extra people to fight off and players that come to disrupt the rift. I played the early days of UO and love pvevp in any setting scripted dungeons are so much more fun when a real dynamic situation arises from pvp. That being said i also agree that open pvp dungeons are the better way to go but dont think the community wants that unfortunately. Been reading your blog for awhile glad to see youre also writing about rift I look forward to future posts.

  4. [shakrah]
    Missing your blog Bootae.
    Resubbed Planetside to compare and check what my impressions were then and now. What you describe is pretty much what I woudl have expected from Rift, but more generally, it is a function of the basic PvE (gear/power progression) vs PvP (gear access) divide imo.
    Atm enjoying jumping in a fight knowing that the guy in front will have to depend on tactics and skill more than minmaxing and career/group templating.
    But I gues one and the other dont mix.


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