Monday, 12 January 2009

Dungeon Y needs class X, what about class Z?

Something I was really hoping would not be in WAR that featured heavily in WoW, was the old must have class X to do instance Y. You know the bit where you have to take a Warlock because a certain boss needs something banishing, or you need a hunter for tranq shot, or bloody mages and sheep. It's something that can be really frustrating when your class isn't perfect for certain instances and you struggle to get groups (unless you're in a good guild that's not full of numpties).

It seems WAR almost escaped it, but a bit has sneaked in. Bilerot Burrow... Thanks to thier monstrous damage dealing aura type thing, those bloody Plaguebeasts are only really doable if you take some ranged DPS. Not so long ago there was a night where we had no ranged DPS online, but we tried Bilerot anyway with just melee DPS. As anyone that's been there before will know, uh uh, bad idea. After enduring repetitive pain not dissimilar to an N-Dubz track (nice hat btw.. init), we gave up. Other times I've been to Bilerot those mobs have been a pain at times, but with some ranged DPS they're easily kiteable, or with a bit of luck and good gear, you can just tank and spank.

Which sucks for melee DPS players that are not in a decent and/or active guild. If it's anything like WoW then random pick up groups just wont take them along... Surely it's not impossible to put in mechanics to the fights that a melee DPS could do, say having something in the environment they could trigger to do damage, a puss bomb of doom or something.

I've not been able to go to Lost Vale yet due to crap luck with Sentinel drops in Bilerot, but at least as a tank I can get groups no problem...

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