Monday 22 March 2010


Since Ray Muzyka’s comments about WAR, the big debate appears to be around the context of his use of the word “expansions”. Some people choosing to see that as him referring to the usual use of “expansions” in MMO terms, as in paid for (or LotD style) expansion packs. Where as others are seeing it in a more literal sense of the word and just meaning adding something to WAR, be it merely a new tool tip or an extra pixel on Karl Franz’s arse.

My first assumption was he meant proper expansions, simply because someone so experienced in the gaming world would surely understand the normal context of the word in relation to MMOs. However, having read a great deal of sensibly expressed argument against this, I’ve been blatted round the head by the doubt-stick. So I think for now I’m going to sit comfortably on the fence and say I’m not sure.

That said I refuse to see the news as anything but positive. I know I shouldn’t be, but I am surprised by the amount of stubborn negativity being posted by WAR’s detractors on forums. How Ray’s comments are a sign of bad news I just don’t know. I mean come on, the game is making a profit and new content (of some form) is being developed, how is that bad news? Ahhh you’ve not played the game in a year, so have no clue about what the game is actually like now, but you still feel the need to justify your hate for it by posting on WHA every day? Of course… silly me, profitable and new content is obviously bad news, I imagine the game will be closed by Christmas 2008. Oops! You meant 2009, oh no sorry 2010?

Anyways, hopefully we’ll get some more news soon on what content we are going to get. I’m not going to get my hopes up too much, as that will most likely lead to disappointment, but whatever happens at least we know WAR’s future is assured.


  1. I'm taking it as paid expansions, whether that be in a box, or DLC. I have to think that someone in his position in the industry would only use that term to mean, "you give us money for this stuff".

    I'm with you though, regardless of what the meaning behind the word, it's positive for the game.

  2. Haters will always hate as their blackened, jilted souls need the negativity so they can continue to exist.

    I am going to stay cautiously optimistic as I don't think we will hear anything big until at least after the next patch which should be a doozy. From there the game will have been totally revamped and hopefully for the better.


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