Monday 8 March 2010

6 sieges in one day, the big 40 and getting nekkid

When I heard last week that we’d hit the 4th siege of the day on Karak Norn, I planned on writing a blog post that would sneak in lyrics from Crowded House’s song “four seasons in one day”, however it was not to be. The server community ruined this glorious opportunity for a tribute to jingly jangly Australian nineties music by having another 2 bloody sieges. Still it’s worth posting about anyway. Six city sieges in one day. SIX! V sodding I! 3 each for Altdorf and the Inevitable City. If ever you wanted proof that WAR’s campaign is totally FUBAR, this is it. In fact I’d go so far as to quote a friend of mine when he says the situation is “ricockulous”.
In other news, my guild Kill Frenzy finally hit guild rank 40! It’s taken a while, but then we don’t restrict alts or anything like that and as a result the guild shows as being about 140 members, when in reality it’s actually about 30 actives with a mix of casuals and hardcore. In case you don’t know, the more characters in a guild, the more guild renown you have to earn to level. This is why you can power level guilds by stripping it down to just 6 members and then farming PvE instances :P I couldn’t be bothered with that myself, so thanks to my stubbornness KF earned their ranks the hard way.
Finally and this is a real shock… I actually did a city siege for the first time in months! IC got invaded, I had a warband of 15 Kill Frenzy and we thought sod it, nowt else to do… So in we went and found ourselves against 17 Order, who other than one group from my new fave order guild “Uprising”, appeared to be a random collection of players. We brutalised them horribly, obviously with us on vent together and them being randoms, but at the end the fun began. We spotted Steveo, a famous Bright Wizard, on his runepriest alt. We like Steveo, he’s always played with good humour and we once ganked him with naked Orcs, which sorta turned into a guild tradition… whenever we see his corpse the whole guild will drop everything to jump on his corpse.
After one of our Marauders had pulled him into us a few times, Steveo reacted with true style and went for the only real solution that didn’t involve quitting. He got naked. This then snowballed, as everyone stipped off and suddenly the streets of Altdorf were full of naked characters dancing, fist fighting and generally larking about. Good times.
 I’ve not got any pics myself, but there maybe a video appearing at some point…

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