Friday, 12 March 2010

All mew no pew

As you’ve no doubt seen, Mythic have posted some changes they are considering.
Career changes
DPS changes

This includes the nerf to an overpowered Sorcerer ability and the removal of a different overpowered Bright Wizard ability which is then being replaced by the aforementioned nerfed Sorcerer ability. Shock, shock horror, this has resulted in forums and chat channels being smothered by Sorcs and BWs mewing like injured kittens. Apparently the nerf of these single abilities is the end of single target specs for Sorcs and BWs and is all round doom and gloom. /yawn
For a start both Bright Wizards and Sorcerers have been top of the pile for a long time, so if this does work out as a nerf, well… I find it hard to be too sympathetic. Same as when our Ravage got nerfed to be honest.
And also this MEW! MEW! MEW! MEW! is despite the fact that Mythic have also announced they intend to buff ALL magic damage and healing by linking weapon DPS to spell effects. Which means whilst people can theory-craft to their hearts content, in reality we can’t be sure of the actual impact of these changes. It might actually work out as a huge buff, it certainly looks like it at first glance! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve no problem with people having concerns, but based on the little info we have to then start writing off classes, mastery trees and the changes themselves is a little bit of an over-reaction. Over reactions on the internet? Surely not :P
The changes could be total turd, but likewise they could actually work out well. I’m interested to see what the impact is on melee careers, as whilst I’m not sure, I think some of my Chosen’s damaging abilities are not effected by weapon DPS. Things like our damage aura, blastwave, quake, etc I suspect are not using weapon DPS now, but will they in future? Then thinking about other classes, is this the damage buff Magus so desperately need? Or because of the increase to presumably ALL magic damage and healing, will it mean Magus damage remains poor, relatively speaking. In fact we have to wonder how will this change the balance between melee and ranged damage? Could this change re-write the WAR rule book? That doesn’t necessarily concern me as such, since shaking things up now and again can freshen up combat and break apart the cookie cutter group set ups.
Whilst I really don’t see the the individual spell nerfs as something that will kill single target, the one thing I am going to MEW! MEW! MEW! about myself is will this DPS change increase the effectiveness of AoE bombing? Bombing isn’t as bad as it once was, unless you’re fighting one of those Sorc/BW/Slayer/Choppa critical mass warbands where the stacked damage instant kills of course, that’s just a case of who bombs first wins, but in more general terms it’s still rampant enough to be tedious. We were forced into activating bomb mode last night in fact. We only had a 2 group warband (for most of the night anyway, at one point we peaked at just under 3), and everywhere we went we would run into multiple Order warbands zerging. I don’t recall a single fight where we weren’t outnumbered at least 2-1. Unfortunately in those situations all you can do is bomb, single target tactics just won’t cut it. And sure, it was effective and in most fights we killed far more than the numbers we brought to the fight. Still, it’s depressing to do, since bombing sidelines certain classes and simplifies the play style horribly.
So for me, whatever the outcome of these changes, I just hope it doesn’t boost AoE again. AoE has always been WAR’s biggest failing. Mythic, exercise caution please…


  1. Like any changes ... I've gotten used to them and will just learn how to adapt my game. I've always self-nerfed myself ... whether through my lame gameplay or the fact that I spread mastery points across two paths for a balanced build. So I'll continue to have fun and don't need to be insta-deathing people.

    Should be interesting adding DPS to magic and healing. That would make getting a better staff more a priority rather than just coveting those that have slightly better stats.

  2. I agree with Krosuss and at the same time have a question for Bootae about blog formatting.

    How come my blog seems to be alot thinner than your's? If you could tell me why then I would be very happy

  3. By all means I will miss seeing my WoP (Word of Pain) go of for 5k in RvR but I'm not single target speced that often anymore anyways since I do premade scenario bomb groups 90% of the time I'm playing.

    I do agree that some abilities do need a nerf but some of the changes are just silly. I won't go into MEW! MEW! mode but some changes are just stupid, and yes there's no point in going single target anymore since the big thing about the sorc ST spec was to rely on staying alive long enough to get 1 WoP off to have a chance to kill the target. if you stay still eithere you have to stand still to channel Hand of Ruin or to cast Doombolts, and the cast timers are just to long to use against any melee dps class (even tank classes) they WILL obliterate you if they get close enough. (stupid 75% increase melee attack spd)


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