Tuesday 30 March 2010

An end to WAR - video

Kriegeur from the Order guild Crimson is calling it a day with WAR, he is realm rank 80 and achieved everything else in the game, so has decided to move on for now. Fair enough really, though I'm hoping we'll have news from Mythic soon that may entice Kriegeur and others back. Anyway, rather the standard goodbye thread Kriegeur posted a pretty damn epic video as a farewell gift to friends and foes alike.

Loves his slow motion eh? :D Very dramatic and one of the best WAR videos I've seen.


  1. Very well done.

    Do you happen to know the source of his music? I'd be interested in featuring this if we can do so.

  2. No but I can probably find out. Will get back to you asap.

  3. Andy, just heard back from Kriegeur (he's registered on WHA under that name btw) and it's:

    First track
    Joanie Madden - Song of the Irish Whistle - The Immigrant.

    Second track
    John Murphy - From the Film "Sunshine" - Surface of the Sun

  4. First of congrats on getting to RR80, which is an achievement, but I can't help feeling that it's still to early for people to be capping out their RR's. I like to think it's got to be classed as "nearly unobtainium". Bah forget my negativity. Grats on RR80.


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