Monday 16 February 2009

Tier 2 Elf lands apparently the keeps are "too hard"?

Sooo lonely...

I've got a Witch Elf alt that I'm trying to get fully oRvR influenced up in tier 2. I've maxed out Chaos and Orc influence and now just need the last 25% in the Elf lands, but I've not been able to get bugger all for over a week now.

It's seems oRvR in Tier2 Elf lands has totally dried up, there's never anybody there, where as the other areas are pretty busy. Anytime I've suggested attacking the all blue Elf Lands, people are saying it's too hard to take the keeps because of the keep Lord's AOE, so they don't bother with Elf lands at all. Frustrating , as I'm not seeing any Order in those zones to kill, and believe me I've done some long solo hunting sessions to try and find some. I can't get a group to even do the BOs their. Alas my guild has bugger all T2 alts at the moment, so it seems I'm stuffed. :(

All a bit odd... A week or two ago people were able to take those keeps and T2 elf was quite busy. As far as I know nothing has changed? The Lords did AoE before I thought...

So what has happened?
Have people just bottled it because it takes a more effort or have those keep Lords been secretly patched? Hmmm I suspect the former.

UPDATE! Actually got to take some BOs in Elf lands today, but as for the keeps....

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