Saturday 12 December 2015

Kill Frenzy - Return to Reckoning

Well things changed a bit already. We've set up Kill Frenzy on the Destruction faction, which means we've got a guild on both factions. However, we have no intention of being dirty cross-realming buggers... Quite the opposite really, as the plan was we'll switch to play on the underdogs faction if other people are being lame and switching to the overpopulated side to do RvPVE zerg crap. We will bring balance, or at least a 6 man wanting a fight. :P

Of course that went slightly out the window this week because we all really enjoyed playing our destruction characters again. So we've only played destro the last few days... I'm back on a Chosen as my main. I still love the class, far more to it that the ravage spam than some like to think. And most importantly, it looks badass.

As for Return of Reckoning overall... I'm really impressed with the work the guys running this server have done over the last month. Massive stability and performance improvements and they're really responsive to problems requiring a restart, etc. So a big thank you to everyone who's working on this server, your time and effort is most appreciated.

It's been a real eye opener and a pleasant surprise to see that WAR is still able to draw myself and my bunch of PvP obsessed mates in. Anyway, will talk some more about the game soon. :)


  1. Hi Bootae, I'm playing also, me of the Blurring Shock Blog (un)fame. Saw some KF about, thought it must be you guys.

  2. Hello mate, I remember Blurring Shock. :) Yeah a few of us running about, only a group or two worth, but that's how we like it. Addicted to my Chosen again. :D


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