Tuesday, 14 May 2013

RIFT goes free to play

This is a good thing.

RIFT is a good game, it has many qualities and much to enjoy. It just doesn't do enough different to justify paying a monthly sub fee, at least not in the current world of MMOs with so many decent free alternatives. But when it goes F2P it could possibly be the highest quality option on the free market.

And yeah shock horror, I posted.


  1. Rift better than PS2? Naww.

  2. Joan, I got distracted by major life changes ;)

    Viidias, obviously not including PS2 ;) I shoulda been more specific, I meant RIFT is probably the best of the standard EQ/WoW clone F2P MMOs.

    PS2 is in a league of it's own. Though unfortunately its running like shit for me at the moment, so not playing it until it's performing better again (or I work out wtf has changed).

  3. Well we have moved Perish (Luranni and co) to Rift since F2P and are having a great time. It's top quality stuff.


  4. [shakrah]
    Happy to see you back online boss. Have given up for a time, but if Rift is good, why not?


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