Friday 2 September 2011

Wrath of Heroes beta

OK so the closed beta has started, be sure to check your email folders... For now the beta servers are only coming online for set periods of time and I think its safe to say this is, for once, a genuine beta test. Your feedback is important. More test time details here. And you can sign up at

There is unfortunately an NDA, so I can't say much about the game for now. What I will say is this... previously I had watched others play the game, thought it looked good, but I wasn't that fussed really. Interesting, but like whateeeever. Now I've actually played it, let's just say that the experience has upgraded my interest somewhat. It was a LOT of fun to play, more than I expected. That is both a good and bad thing, but I'll have to leave talking about that until I have more freedom to do so.

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