Tuesday 27 September 2011

Rather posh fan trailer for SWTOR launch

Spigyboy, I salute you!

Or visit youtube for the HD version


  1. Ow awesome, everytime I hear the music I just want to play....

  2. I don't get why some people are like 'I'm going to protest WAR by playing SWTOR!' Money goes into the same damn hands at the end of the day. You're still paying for WARs demise.

  3. Er... I'm not saying that myself am I? I've chosen to stop playing WAR because the game is not going anywhere at the moment, so there doesn't feel much point in grinding more RRs in the same old zones for ever. Regardless of where the money ends up, I see no point in paying to be bored.

    I'll be playing SWTOR to play SWTOR, WAR has no relevance towards that really. I expect I'll return to WAR when they add some new content next year, that is if they do and I'm not busy with other games ofc.

  4. i've seen some gameplay videos and it reminds me of tabula rasa somehow


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