Thursday 22 September 2011

A little update

Lots has happened, but I've had no time, kinda. My house is under quarantine due to throat/chest/pukey pox and I've lacked motivation to move, let alone think about writing :P

Kill Frenzy in WAR is pretty much on hold again. A lot more people than just little old me got narked off with the whole situation WAR is in right now. A few die-hards are sticking around, but most of us have now quit and are looking forward to new games. Slightly depressing to see our WAR communtiy floundering so, at least as much as a computer game can be depressing, but the future for KF is bright with us gearing up for SWTOR and quite possibly a few other games. Our KF-RIFT guild is still going very strong too ;)

What little gaming time I've had over the last couple of weeks has been spent pottering around in Star Trek Online. It's been bloody great too. From reading forums it sounds like there's a range of issues with the game (shock horror), but I don't care really, I'm enjoying it. The atmosphere is great, it runs really well, the storylines are very solid, the character/ship development and customisation is interesting, it has some pretty spectacular graphics at times and it's casual friendly. However, I'm not doing any PvP in it at the moment and I don't plan to with any real dedication or effort. I'm purely playing this for casual entertainment where I'm free to AFK or pay loose attention and in those regards it's come up trumps, just be aware that my expectations maybe different to those looking for a full time MMO. I wouldn't like to say how solid the game is in that regard, at least not yet. Anyways, there's been a fair few interesting changes in STO since I last played it and I'll talk about those soon. One in particular is a great example of when Devs do the right thing.

nn :)


  1. WAR is at deaths door for real this time it looks like. Every server dying and not just yours m8!

  2. I dunno really, obviously I've got a slightly biased outlook as me and mine have pretty much all given up, but we've heard about WAR dying so many times before over the last 3 years. Mythic are still teasing about their plans for next year, I would imagine if it was really in the shit they would have accelerated this. Yet clearly the servers were going a bit quieter.

    The big question is how many hugely casual subscribers they have, that's always the numbers that are hard to judge and are actually the most important. The small but very vocal hardcore that we come from are not part of that bulky chunk of any MMO's income. So I'm not falling into making any predictions myself, beyond knowing it's getting a bit too late for me.


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