Wednesday, 16 February 2011

WAR patch notes for 1.4.1 are out

Mythic's first draft before changes after PTS anyway. You can find them here. Reading them now....

Mini update... read them. Hmmmm.

Armour changes are fine, welcome even, but it still doesn't address the hidden levels nonsense or the ridiculous stats and procs. Not bold enough and it will fall way too short of what needs to be done. Sorry guys, nice attempt, but you need to go much further. Oh and if you're in Tier 2-3, if this goes live I'm sorry guys, really sorry...

Healer changes look ok to me, but Zealot and Shaman are the two I know best. Not sure about the DoK stuff really.

Scenario changes. Meh, whatever. Scens will continue to be a steamroll session for whichever side has the highest RR premade :P

Skaven changes... quite good I think. Packmaster looks like a reasonable healer now.

All the other stuff isn't making me want to comment either way really.


  1. Mythic have said prior to this patch, that it's going to take a couple of patches to deal with the RR/Gear issue.

    Of course not causing it in the 1st place would have been my best advice.

  2. [shakrah]
    They try and bury the issue by having the lower RR T4 go play for a while in T3... Apart from that, nothing but noise.
    As sad as the funny propeller heads pets: so much well intended but misdirected care put in so many irrelevant things papering over the obvious.

  3. On and slightly off topic - but wrt 1.4.1 as I think they have missed the point totally and I now feel all my Tier 4 alts are dead (as T3 newbies will be OP to my Alts (have to laugh)
    - so I recall when Anni gear was hard to get and conq and Invader were rocking horse @$£!. So ppl use to PvE the instances and that made it interesting - Obviously they were routine to some degree - but at least ppl played them (now u go into PvE and u are the ONLY person :) ). So why not make all the instance gear better and also anyone that wears better gear than the level of the instance e.g. Tyrant = Doomflayer equiv - but u cannot wear anything above Invader (or something like that to stop farming the instances and make them challenging) - Also make all instances competitive (like Lotd) and perhaps increase how hard they are?

    Just a thought as then the other 90% of the game map may be used? You could include Lairs? You could include PQ's etc... I am not suggesting make it a PvE game - perhaps make all the maps one big RvR lake (but with some restrictions on making ppl chicken so they cannot farm areas of lowbies - even if you set rr lvls as chicken and not xp lvls) I know its not the answer - but food for thought...

    Bootae - as a new follower of ur blog I am mr Alt like you (17+ Order toons and 10 Destro) and now I play for 5 mins b4 I log (sad state and I am near breaking point!!!).

  4. Heyas, thanks for reading :)

    Lairs are one of WAR's biggest missed opportunities. I'm a big fan of the basic concept, but it has just been implemented in too watery a fashion. With better rewards and faster respawns they could provide an interesting experience to battle over...


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