Tuesday 15 February 2011

Kill Frenzy - Inglourious Reterds

A crack Kill Frenzy commando unit spend the evening in the woods with a flagrant disregard for basic health and safety.

War is hell.

Oh and it includes the sound of KF vent, so a few naughty words and so on..

Watch in HD here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC9MkBkdAL0&hd=1

My fave moment captured on there was when Pvt. Khalie says "I don't know what an artillery strike is going to acheive though, the entire compound is already on fire..."


BTW if you're familiar with Arma2 you may notice the sound, particle, smoke and fire effects are rather enhanced. We're using a selection of most excellent add ons:


The dopplar effects the sound mods add are incredible.


  1. ARMA2 thats the proper soldier sim right?

  2. I love a good Arma 2 story! Thanks for the mod list, I will have to check them out.

  3. Yes, Arma 2 is a proper soldier sim. not like those suck ass FPS games that get released faster then a powergamer can play through it.

    Boots, what that arti strike achieved was a good laugh and busting my head open.


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