Friday 28 January 2011

January Producer's letter is out

Linkage for you here.

Reading it now....


  1. Now that was a good producers letter. Outlining a rough plan for the year, hinting at things, without getting tied down to the details.

    I think maybe your expanded zones, may well be in there.

  2. The Grovod Caverns have a skaven theme to them so I guess we will be able to play as skaven in those scenarios??


  3. Oh yeah and this new interface to pick up "account rewards" whenever you want??

    sniff sniff...

    smells like F2P to me not necessarily a bad thing look at LotRO.

    VonPP (again)

  4. Letter was so so. Too vague for my tastes when compared with other game's prod letters. Will review it properly asap.


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